Did You Know? What the National Conservation Foundation does for you

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By Gene Schmidt

The National Conservation Foundation has been in operation for over 20 years, thanks to some forward thinking leadership on the part of the National Association of Conservation Districts. Supporters of NACD utilize the National Conservation Foundation to underscore the tremendous work the association does on Capitol Hill and for locally-led, voluntary conservation programs across the nation’s landscape.

The NCF governing board has 18 members with representation from all seven NACD regions and various partnering organizations. The board also includes past NACD presidents and three current executive board or full board members, all of whom are approved by the current NACD full board.

In 2014, NCF has assumed oversight of the International Envirothon Competition – an educational program that teaches high school students valuable technical and leadership skills. In an effort to advance conservation education and develop an even larger pool of future conservation leaders, NCF is accelerating its efforts to expand the environmental competition’s sponsorship opportunities. Doing so will allow the foundation to increase participation in Envirothon among schools and organizations that haven’t been able to in the past due to financial or staffing constraints.

Going forward, NCF intends to be the go-to organization for private, public, and corporate partners interested in providing financial and in-kind donations to further enhance locally-led conservation delivery. But in order to meet our goals, we need you help!  Would you be willing to serve as the local link between possible contributors and the foundation? NCF’s next partner might be a local business interested in conservation or sustainability, or an individual who wishes to support local governance or natural resources management. It might be a cooperator who wants to leave a legacy or simply just help out where he or she can. It may be YOU wanting to make a difference.

The National Conservation Foundation was meant to help all of you make a difference for the future. God bless America and thank you for your contributions to conservation!

gene-portraitGene Schmidt was the president of NACD from 2011-2013. He currently serves as the chair of NACD’s Joint Funding Committee. To read archived editions of Did You Know?, head over to NACD’s eResource page.

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