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Before NACD’s 1962 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, an affiliate organization didn’t exist to support and champion the individuals who served as presidents of their state associations. Luckily, that changed when the “Association of Past Presidents of State Associations of Conservation Districts” was formally established through a bylaw amendment at NACD’s 1963 Annual Meeting in Denver.

Several years passed before the group’s name was shortened to the NACD Presidents Association to include past and current presidents of state and territory associations; but did you know the mission of the organization hasn’t changed since 1963?

The Presidents Association brings former and current presidents of state associations together so that they may contribute to the improvement of district programs and enhance the promotion of natural resource conservation through education and district activities.

Some of NACD’s members and partners may remember the classic Beatles song “When I’m Sixty-Four.” At NACD’s 2017 Annual Meeting in Denver – the city where the Presidents Association came to be – Paul McCartney’s question (“Will you still need me when I’m sixty-four?”) will get an answer: a resounding “yes!”

As it celebrates its 64th year of NACD affiliation, the Presidents Association will look back at how it has contributed to NACD’s success over several decades. Early in its history, for instance, the group led fundraising efforts to finance and expand the NACD building in League City, Texas. More recently, it supported efforts to renovate NACD’s current headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The Presidents Association has in years passed co-sponsored a $10,000 annual award, granted to highly-deserving conservation districts, in partnership with the National Conservation Foundation. It also provides funding for the international Envirothon competition, and recommendations to NACD’s Board of Directors.

To this day, the Presidents Association keeps its members informed and connected, serving as a sounding board for new ideas and encouraging collaboration and partnerships that promote NACD’s mission. All current and past presidents are encouraged to be active members of the association. If you are a president or past president and wish to receive updates, news, and special offers related to your work as a conservation leader, make sure NACD has your updated contact information. You can submit changes in contact information here on NACD’s website.

The current officer team has several activities planned or already underway to strengthen the group and provide even more value to its membership. Some of these new initiatives will be rolled-out and/or discussed in detail at NACD’s 2017 Annual Meeting in Denver, which you can register for here.

If you’d like to learn more about the Presidents Association, contact one of the group’s current officers: President Pat Sueck of Pennsylvania, Vice President Barbara Perlman-Whyman of Nevada, Secretary-Treasurer Irvil Kear of Pennsylvania, and Past President Lee Bunting of Illinois.

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