Did You Know? “A Strategy for District Success and Sustainability”

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As part of a six-month series on district operations, the Did You Know? monthly feature in eResource will highlight chapters of the NACD District Outlook Task Force report: “Blueprint for Locally-Led Conservation – A Strategy for District Success and Sustainability.”

The full report is a practical guide for conservation district leadership to use as they develop “sustainable” operational and management systems.

For any organization to be “sustainable,” it must have systems in place to be able to cope with change – and even create it when necessary. The Task Force found five elements – communications, training, structure and governance, business planning, and funding – were crucial to ensuring long-term success for districts.

To create the report, the Task Force divided into work groups focusing on these five elements of success. Each group  worked to understand how any – and every – district can become a stronger and more viable local leader. They concentrated on the tangible successes of districts, and kept in mind that “one size doesn’t fit all.” They worked to identify the tools and programs that were working for some districts and explored what modifications would need to be made to fit other districts’ needs.

A large part of the Task Force’s effort looked at the ways state/territory associations work with their partners (state conservation agencies, NRCS, and NACD), and how these partnerships might help districts to become “sustainable” by providing training, oversight, and encouragement.

“Did You Know?” is a feature in eResource the last Tuesday of every month, so stay tuned for excerpts from NACD’s “Blueprint for Locally-Led Conservation”! If you would like to read the full, 28-page document, click here to be redirected to NACD Reports.

Disclaimer: Did You Know? recommendations and observations may not apply to all states. NACD’s DO/MS Committee requests your understanding. We also invite you to find out what your state and local laws and policies say about any particular item.
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