Committee Structure

NACD’s Foundation Committees direct association activity in priority areas and are comprised of approximately ten NACD board members, with each state and territory serving on one committee. Committee chairs and members serve two-year terms in conjunction with the current NACD president.

District Operations and Member Services Committee

The District Operations and Member Services Committee works to improve the connectivity between the local districts, state associations and national organization by providing resources that assist in the daily operations of a conservation district. The committee also works closely with partnering agencies to build upon the existing services NACD provides to individual, district and state association members.

  • Chair: Wade Troutman, Washington state
  • Vice Chair: Franklin Williams, North Carolina
  • Staff Advisor: Kimberly Uldricks

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for providing guidance, input, direction and assistance to accomplish NACD goals. Members of the committee work with NACD staff to strengthen both internal and external communications.

  • Chair: Jim Harreld, Mississippi
  • Vice Chair: Tom Beyers, Illinois
  • Staff Advisor: Stephanie Addison

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is responsible for guiding and coordinating the development and implementation of legislative strategies in support of Board of Directors approved policy and program objectives.

  • Chair: Ian Cunningham, Minnesota
  • Vice Chair: Bill Thomas, Texas
  • Staff Advisor: Coleman Garrison

Stewardship and Education Committee

The Stewardship and Education Committee is responsible for assisting in the promotion of conservation education through the Stewardship Week program materials and other education outreach materials. Members participate in the process and review of materials.

  • Chair: Bevin Law, Kansas
  • Vice Chair: Calvert Steuart, Maryland
  • Staff Advisor: Laura Demmel

Natural Resources Policy Committee

The Natural Resources Policy Committee is responsible for coordinating activities and formulating policy recommendations in all areas, which include but are not limited to agricultural lands, water resources, forestry, urban, wildlife habitat and grazing lands.

  • Chair: Jim Berlier, New Mexico
  • Staff Advisor: Adam Pugh

Resource Policy Groups

Each committee may establish subcommittees and task forces to assist with special projects or issues. The Natural Resources Policy Committee may also set up Resource Policy Groups (RPGs) to tackle special interest issues. The membership of subcommittees, task forces and RPGs are determined by the appropriate committee chair.

Existing RPGs under the Natural Resources Policy Committee include:

  • Urban and Community
  • Forestry
  • Tribal Outreach and Partnership
  • Public Lands
  • Coastal
  • Invasive Species

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