NACD works to improve and protect water quality by providing conservation districts with the technical assistance they need to advise local landowners on nutrient management strategies and erosion prevention practices.

Water is a basic resource upon which all forms of life depend. It is found everywhere; whether in abundance in streams, lakes, and oceans, or in tiny molecules in the soil and air, or frozen in high altitude snow packs. It is a collective resource which we cannot do without. Whether a drop of water falls on a field of crops or a suburban driveway, it eventually flows downstream for someone or something else to use.

The conservation of our water resources is a central goal of conservation districts. Districts provide technical information and assistance to farmers, ranchers, and other landowners so that they may improve and protect water quality through proper nutrient and stormwater runoff management. NACD and districts also help to address water quality issues that concern Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs), and water quality trading. For more in-depth information and NACD resources on water quality concerns, head over to our Water Quality page.

Since both a lack of water and excessive water can present problemsĀ for producers and landowners, conservation districts work with a variety of stakeholders in managing water quantity to help ensure a sufficient supply exists to meet a variety of needs. In particular, NACD and districts work to prevent and mitigate the effects of drought, advanceĀ the restoration of dams and reservoirs, and improve the management of stormwater. To read more about NACD initiatives in this area of water conservation, check out our Water Quantity page.

NACD also offers a wealth of resources and case studies for our member districts to utilize as they develop and implement water conservation strategies and plans. Visit our Management Resources page for more information.

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