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Contacting Your Local District

If you do not know the name of your district or the location of its office, there are several ways you can find this information:

  1. Check your state directory to contact your state association of conservation districts representatives. When available, a link will be provided on your state's page to a conservation districts directory.
  2. Go to NACD's Locate Your Local District interactive map page and click on your state to find your local district and their contact information. The interactive map is provided courtesy of our partner Private Landowner Network.
  3. See the USDA Service Center Employee Directory. Search the Directory by city, county or state. If your conservation district is located in a USDA Service Center, contact information will be available here.
  4. Look in the government section of the phone book under:
    • State government for listings of local government entities. Different states have slightly different names for districts: soil and water conservation district, soil conservation district, conservation district, natural resource conservation district, etc. Many districts also share the name of your local county. Alternately, look for your state conservation or natural resource agency and ask for help.
    • Government for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. A field office employee of the Natural Resources Conservation Service or the Cooperative Extension Service can tell you how to contact your district.

If you cannot locate your district through a local contact, please call NACD at (202) 547-6223.