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Did You Know? NACD has a new logo

NACD may have a new look, but our identity remains rooted. We support and promote this nation’s 3,000 conservation districts. Updating the look of NACD’s branding elements – and publishing guidelines on their use – gives our organization and its members a foundation to enhance NACD brand awareness and name recognition nationwide. It is crucial… Continue reading →

The latest on the FY18 appropriations cycle from NACD

By Coleman Garrison The summer months before Congress’ annual summer recess period in August is historically packed with discussion around passing appropriations bills to fund the federal government. The entirety of the federal government's budget is split into twelve separate bills that must be passed individually through the legislative process; starting at the subcommittee level, moving through… Continue reading →

Growing an urban farming community with microgreens

By Lindsey Carver and Tonya Taylor Hydroponic producer Tami Purdue grows a long list of microgreen crops, but that's not all she grows. Purdue also helped cultivate an urban farm community in Wake County, North Carolina. Three years ago, she left a career in law office administration and purchased a CropBox, a turn-key agricultural system retrofitted from a… Continue reading →

Oklahoma CDs partner to expand access, delivery of conservation services to Indian and non-Indian lands

Tribal Outreach and Partnership Success Story: Creek Nation Natural Resource Conservation District and Hughes County Conservation District in Oklahoma By Dale Jenkins and Ed Mouss Oklahoma's Hughes County Conservation District has supported its neighbor, the Creek Nation Natural Resource Conservation District, since CNNRCD was established in 2014. Early on, the two districts developed a cooperative agreement to expand… Continue reading →

Conservation in Montana: The Chance of a Lifetime

The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (MDNRC) has recently published three stories on Montana farmers and ranchers who have devoted a great deal of time and energy to conservation work. In the series’ first story (featured below), we meet Janet Endecott of McAllister, Montana. NACD would like to thank Linda Brander, a resource specialist for the Conservation Districts Bureau within MDNRC, for… Continue reading →

A District’s Guide: Printing NACD Stewardship Materials

Guest column by Coleta Bratten My district used to spend $1,100 to $1,800 a year purchasing soil stewardship education materials. By printing these materials at the office, we save a lot of money and are able to keep the stewardship program going in our county. Currently, we print and distribute bookmarks, placemats, and teachers’ guides (black and white,… Continue reading →

What’s in a soil science certification?

Guest column by Marta McCoy NACD has been a partner to the Tri-Societies (made up of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America) for decades. Not only do these organizations share many of the same values and philosophies - especially when it comes to the efficacy of science-based soil management practices - they also share an… Continue reading →

Leopold Award honors conservationists on working lands

By Sara Kangas Time and time again, we’ve seen that locally-led, voluntary conservation on working lands is one of the biggest driving forces of effectively preserving and protecting natural resources. Landowners across the nation are committed to this very principle, and with more than 75 percent of land in the United States privately owned, it’s… Continue reading →

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