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SHI’s action plan has goal of making soil health ‘cornerstone’ of natural resources policy

By Whitney Forman-Cook The Soil Health Institute unveiled its soil health action plan aimed at “driving advancements” in soil conservation nationwide this morning from the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Among the plan’s goals is to make soil health “the cornerstone of natural resource management policies throughout the nation.” “Today’s announcement, and the panel… Continue reading →

NACD’s newest Tribal RPG publishes first success story

by Dave Vogel NACD established the Tribal Outreach and Partnership (TOP) Resource Policy Group (RPG) at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Denver to assist conservation districts across the country in reaching out to and partnering with tribes on conservation projects. Among the TOP RPG’s main objectives is to promote successful outreach and partnership efforts on… Continue reading →

A winning partnership: Conservation districts and the NRCS Watershed Stewardship Program

Guest Column By Mark Gilbert, National Watershed Coalition While the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) may be better known for providing a financial safety net for farmers and ranchers, USDA also provides an actual safety net for our rural communities. The Watershed and Flood Prevention Program (Watershed Program) is a vital, but often overlooked, infrastructure… Continue reading →

Districts can make connections

By Mike Beacom In 2003, Linda Brownson and her husband relocated to New Hampshire from Texas, where for nine years she helped manage forestland and rangeland while her husband grew a family financial consulting business. The couple purchased a two-centuries-old New Hampshire farm that sits 1,500 feet above sea level in the western foothills of… Continue reading →

Women4theLand provides resources

By Mike Beacom Since 2013, the Women, Food & Agriculture Network (WFAN), the American Farmland Trust, Indiana’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (IASWCD) and other conservation partners have been working together to reach out to women farmers and forest landowners in Indiana. This effort, called Women4theLand, aims… Continue reading →

Tomatoes: The Secret Recipe

By Lilias Pettit-Scott What would you say if I told you the secret to growing amazing tomatoes involves fish heads? About six years ago, I was working at Love Apple Farm in Santa Cruz, California, with farmer Cynthia Sandberg, an expert of the pommes d'amour (the French refer to a tomato as the love apple).… Continue reading →

DOI review of designations under Antiquities Act underway

By Chris Heck What is the Antiquities Act?  The Act for the Preservation of American Antiquities was signed into law by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. During his presidency, Roosevelt used the act 18 times. Seven of his original designations have been upgraded to “national park” or “national forest” by Congress, or in the case… Continue reading →

April is National Garden Month: Know the difference between ‘non-native’ and ‘invasive’

By Sara Kangas April is National Garden Month! While you’re welcoming spring and the return of pollinators, make sure you’re not introducing invasive species inadvertently. Recently, Cheerios launched a #bringbackthebees campaign in partnership with Veseys Seeds. The campaign distributed 100 million seeds packets (that’s over 1.5 billion seeds!) nationwide as part of an effort to… Continue reading →

The importance of Section 319 grants

By Eric Hansen Conservation districts draw on a variety of funding sources to protect and conserve our nation’s natural resources. Districts pull from farm bill conservation programs, state resource protection programs, and leverage private funds to achieve conservation objectives. They also can apply for funding through the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Section 319 program. Fast… Continue reading →

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