NACD Forestry RPG explores Deadwood

By Mike Beacom [caption id="attachment_9660" align="alignright" width="564"] NACD Forestry RPG members in Deadwood, South Dakota.[/caption] The NACD Forestry Resource Policy Group (RPG) recently met in Deadwood, South Dakota, in conjunction with the National Association of State Foresters’ (NASF) Forest Resources Management Committee. The Forestry RPG heard from a variety of presenters during the three-day meeting,…… Continue reading →

Did You Know? NACD has a new logo

NACD may have a new look, but our identity remains rooted. We support and promote this nation’s 3,000 conservation districts. Updating the look of NACD’s branding elements – and publishing guidelines on their use – gives our organization and its members a foundation to enhance NACD brand awareness and name recognition nationwide. It is crucial…… Continue reading →

The latest on the FY18 appropriations cycle from NACD

By Coleman Garrison The summer months before Congress’ annual summer recess period in August is historically packed with discussion around passing appropriations bills to fund the federal government. The entirety of the federal government's budget is split into twelve separate bills that must be passed individually through the legislative process; starting at the subcommittee level, moving through…… Continue reading →

Leopold Award honors conservationists on working lands

[caption id="attachment_9271" align="alignright" width="394"] Jim Krueger, executive director for the Kansas Association of Conservation Districts.[/caption] By Sara Kangas Time and time again, we’ve seen that locally-led, voluntary conservation on working lands is one of the biggest driving forces of effectively preserving and protecting natural resources. Landowners across the nation are committed to this very principle,…… Continue reading →

California RCDs, CDFA’s Healthy Soils Program leading the way to climate smart ag

Guest column by Kristen Murphy California RCDs resource conservation districts (RCDs) are innovators in carbon farm plans, carbon accounting for farm practices, and carbon farming - including compost on rangeland. Through programs, demonstrations, and partnerships, RCDs are leading the way in assisting farmers and ranchers throughout the state. [caption id="attachment_8996" align="alignright" width="541"] Karen Buhr, executive director of CARCD,…… Continue reading →

Did You Know? The power of a business plan

As part of a six-month series on district operations, the Did You Know? monthly feature in eResource will highlight chapters of the NACD District Outlook Task Force report: “Blueprint for Locally-Led Conservation – A Strategy for District Success and Sustainability” (available here on our website). This month’s chapter tackles business planning. A business plan is…… Continue reading →

Tomatoes: The Secret Recipe

By Lilias Pettit-Scott What would you say if I told you the secret to growing amazing tomatoes involves fish heads? About six years ago, I was working at Love Apple Farm in Santa Cruz, California, with farmer Cynthia Sandberg, an expert of the pommes d'amour (the French refer to a tomato as the love apple).…… Continue reading →

Team effort in Oklahoma promotes conservation education

by Sara Kangas Teamwork and community partnerships have propelled a team of high schoolers in Oklahoma to the highest levels of the international Envirothon competition. Led by veteran adviser Connie Taylor, the Ninnekah High School’s team triumphed in March at this year’s state competition in Ardmore, Oklahoma, hosted by The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation. “I’ve…… Continue reading →

NACD releases its “Nine Farm Bill Principles”

NACD is the collective voice of conservation districts and their state associations. In that role, NACD advocates on behalf of our member districts for federal conservation program funding. Some of the federal support for conservation programs is allotted as discretionary funding during the annual appropriations process. Every year, NACD releases what we think are appropriate funding levels for conservation programs…… Continue reading →

New Mexico celebrates 15 years of collaborative conservation

By Jeff Burwell and Whitney Forman-Cook The New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts (NMACD) is celebrating 15 years of Restore New Mexico, a conservation effort that has made a measurable difference in rangeland and forest health in the state. NMACD and the other partners of the Bureau of Land Management's Restore New Mexico initiative started with an ambitious…… Continue reading →

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