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Education Resources by Topic
Educators can use this library of education resources, which includes guides, activities and more, to educate students on the importance of our natural resources. Resources are organized according to topic. Current programs/topics include:  Local Heroes - Your Hardworking Pollinatorsocal Heroes - Your Hardworking PollinatorsSoil to Spoon, forestry(Forests for People), habitat (Conservation Habits = Healthy Habitats), soils (DIG IT) (DIG DEEPER), water (Water Is Life) (Where does your water shed?), energy and the newest project - We All Need Trees

Outdoor Classrooms
Interested in creating an outdoor space at a school or area in your community? Review the Guidelines and Features for Outdoor Classrooms for ideas on features to install, setting up a committee, curriculum resources and more.

Backyard Conservation
Man teaching students about wildlifeBackyard Conservation is a multifaceted cooperative project by NACD, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Audubon and the Wildlife Habitat Council. Activities outlined in the Backyard Conservation materials can be done by individuals and families, and many practices can be adapted to community gardens, schools and other public places.

Keep the attention of the students and community members you are educating through these catchy presentations on soils!

Ideas for Displays
This document is a useful tool that explores the best and most effective ways to plan an exhibit that conveys your message an audience. (PDF)

Conservation Clip Art
Looking for clip art that reflects conservation concerns? Look no further. Clip art that follows the conservation theme isn't always easy to find. This page contains a collection of clip art, and photos to use in your newsletters, websites and outreach material.

Education Links
A list of conservation education links have been compiled for your information and convenience. The links have been organized by topic and include a variety of lesson plans, information and programs.