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2015 Poster Contest





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2015 Contest Theme

Local Heroes – Your Hardworking Pollinators

Poster Categories

Poster category by grade:






The contest is open to public, private or home school students.

Local districts or states may have different categories or rules for their contest.

Rules and Resources

CLICK HERE for the list of rules. |PDF|

Be sure to check your local contest and state rules as they may differ from the national rules.

CLICK HERE for a list of resources. |PDF|

Local and State Organizers

CLICK HERE for more information if you are a local or state organizer.

To enter the contest

Entries at the local and state contest must follow the rules and dates for when your poster is due that is set by local organizers.

Local contests are held by your local conservation district. Rules may differ from the national contest rules. To find your local conservation district, click here.

Local and state entries

No individual entries. All posters must go through a local contest sponsor by their local conservation district. Local conservation districts fill out the Local to State Form |PDF| and include it with entries to your area or state contests.

State Entries must fill out the State to National Form |PDF| before shipping their posters.  This form is filled out by the state poster contest sponsor.  No individual posters can be sent into the national contest.

National Entries

Each entry for the national contest must have the Entry Form filled out and signed by guardian or parent to be judged. Posters can only be submitted to the national contest after participating in their local or area conservation district contest. Winners at the local/area level are then sent to be judged at your state level. You must follow the time frame set at the local and state level. Click here to find your local district.





NEW!! 2015 Contest!

The top three posters in each category of the national contest will receive monetary prizes. First place winners will receive $200 and second place winners will receive $150 and third place will receive $100. Prizes at the national level are sponsored by the NACD Auxiliary through their quilt project proceeds and the Albert I Pierce Foundation.

Please note: Only posters judged at the local and state level are eligible for the national contest.

Other Useful Tools and Information for participants to design their posters

Rules for 2015 Poster Contest |PDF|

Resource list of poster theme, "Local Heroes – Your Hardworking Pollinators" | PDF | 

What Makes a Good Poster? | PDF |

National Visual Arts Standards

2015 Poster Contest PowerPoint | PPT |

PowerPoint Notepages | PDF |


Logo in jpeg or tif/gif - Local Heroes Your Hardworking Pollinators  

Will be in Black and White, Color, Transparent and with 2015 for you to choose from

Logo In Vector in Vector Format - (37.22MB) Will take you to a Hightail site to download

Logo in EPS in EPS Format - (43.3MB) Will take you to a Hightail site to download.

Flickr Instructions:

  1. Click the image you want to download.
  2. On the right-hand side, beneath the photo, you will see a bar containing the name of the file and several icons. Click the icon that looks like three dots - it's the last icon on the right, after the one that looks like two arrows.
  3. When you click the icon, a menu will pop up. Select "view all sizes."
  4. There are several options for sizes on this page, from small to large.
  5. Click "download the (selected size) size of this photo."
  6. Open with your preferred image program and save to your computer.

Questions? Contact Susan Schultz, NACD's Stewardship and Education Coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.