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2016 Poster Contest


We all need trees logo NACD


NACD's Stewardship and Education theme for 2016 is "We All Need Trees." Each year, NACD holds a poster competition by grade (K-1st grade, 2nd-3rd, 4th-6th, 7th-9th, and 10th-12th) to choose the art that will accompany the year's theme. The poster contest is open to public, private, and home-schooled students. For more information on the competition requirements, click here, and remember that your local and state participation rules may differ from the national rules. For a list of resources, click here and visit our "We All Need Trees" webpage.


Local and State Organizers

If you are a local or state organizer, scroll to the bottom of the page to download certificate templates, flyer templates, promotional PowerPoints, judging scorecards, a resource list, rules, and other resources.

To Enter the Contest

Entries at the local and state level contest must be submitted by the due dates set by our local conservation district. To find your local conservation district, click here.

Local and State Entries

All posters submissions must by sponsored by our local conservation district. This form - Local to State Form Poster Contest 2016 - must be included with local and state submissions.  State entries must fill out the State to National Poster Contest 2016 form before shipping their posters.

National Entries

Each entry for the national contest must have the 2016 Poster Contest Entry Form filled out and signed by guardian or parent. The winning posters at the local level are judged at your state level, and then may advance to the national level.

Contest Prizes

The top three posters in each category of the national contest will receive monetary prizes. First place winners will receive $200; second place winners will receive $150; and third place winners will receive $100. The NACD Auxiliary, through their quilt project proceeds and the Albert I Pierce Foundation, sponsor prizes at the national level.

Other Useful Tools and Information for participants to design their posters

Click here to download the new "We All Need Trees" logo from NACD's Flickr page.

Click here to be redirected to our "We All Need Trees" webpage.

  • Rules for 2016 Poster Contest |PDF|
  • Resource List | PDF  |
  • What Makes a Good Poster? | PDF  |
  • National Visual Arts Standards
  • 2016 Poster Contest PowerPoint | PPT  |
  • PowerPoint Note pages | PDF  |
  • Entry Form Template |DOC |
  • Poster Contest Flyer Template |DOC |
  • Judging Score Card  |DOC
  • What Makes a Good Poster and District Poster Contest Ideas |PDF |
  • Certificate Template # 1- |DOC|
  • Certificate Template # 2 -|DOC|



  • Local/Area to State Contest  |PDF|
  • State to National Contest |PDF|

Questions? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Additional Information

Posters will only be accepted from state poster contest organizers.

Your state winning poster(s) can be submitted by JPEG format to save on shipping. You may send one JPEG of each overall poster and/or 5 JPEG’s of winning poster in each category consisting of 1 of overall poster and 4 of the poster divided into ¼ sections. Please label each poster with State_GradeLevel_LastName of winner. Also scan their entry form and send as a PDF file with poster JPEGs. Send each photo and entry form together for each entry in separate emails for each person. Email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Please fill out the state to national form for development of certificates for participants and data input. It assists greatly when you send a copy of the form with your state entries as a packing slip for repackage back to your state. State organizers are encouraged to use the cheapest form of shipping. If sending through your local post office, please add delivery confirmation to track your package. Posters should be sent flat, between 2 pieces of cardboard sealed all the way around the cardboard. Please make your package just a 1/2 inch larger than your posters. If you make the package too large or thick it may incur additional charges for the size. We encourage you to have your local and or area contest participants fill out the form to send to your state contest so that we can gather an accurate number of posters created across the nation.

Only posters from the state poster contest organization will be accepted for judging at the national level.

Winning state posters should be sent to:

NACD National Poster Contest
509 Capital Court NE
Washington, DC 20002

If using the Option JPEG format – email those to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Do not send both mailed posters and JPEG posters (see information above on JPEG). You must select only one.

NOTE: Some states are also considering using a JPEG format for submission to their state contest.