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Where Does Your Water Shed?

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Ever wonder where the rain goes once it hits the ground? That depends on what it lands on and where the water will shed. If it hits a roof, it might go into a gutter and then down a downspout into a grassed lawn. If it hits a parking lot, it can't soak in so it travels to the lowest point until it reaches an area that it may travel to a retention pond or grass area. If it lands on the soil, it will soak into the ground and travel to the groundwater aquifer. But if it lands on bare ground - then it might cause erosion depending on the amount of rain. It is important to know that we all live in a watershed. Join us on the journey to find out where your water sheds.

Education Materials

Materials are now ready to order at the NACD Marketplace.

Education Materials Flyer | PDF |
Planning Sheet | PDF |

"Where Does Your Water Shed?" Education Guide (PDF) Grade level activities, additional topic resources literature connections and more!

Answer key for the Where does your water shed? Placemat/Activity Sheet. Click here WDYWS_AnswerKey_Activity-Placemat

Additional Worksheets

Grade K-1
Grade 2-3
Grade 4-5
Grade 6-8


H20 Bingo (provided by Debbie Ruff, Livingston CD, IL) | XLS | DOC |

Healthy Water Hopscotch Activity - Participants in this printable activity learn about their own impacts on the quality of the water. This activity is great for field days, exhibits or school lesson plans. Additional resources needed: 11”x17” paper for printing.

  • Instructions | PDF |
  • Signs | PDF |

Water cycle Spinners - This printable activity goes along with Project WET's "An Incredible Journey" and is great for field days, exhibits or school lesson plans. | PDF |

Visit the NACD Conservation Habits = Healthy Habitats page for information on how to build a rain barrell.

"Where Does Your Water Shed?" Character Shed
SHED Coloring Page | PDF |
SHED Shield (for kids to be a water hero) | PDF |

Online Sample Packet (viewable only, not printable)

Level 1 Student booklet
Level 2 Student booklet
Level 3 Student booklet
Level 4 Student booklet
"Where Does Your Water Shed" Poster
BIG Book
Activity Sheet/Placemat


Watershed Stories

Wyoming (see "Wyoming Watersheds Progress Report 2011," under "publications")

If you have watershed stories, activities or other materials to share, please send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Where does your water shed? Logo - Download and use the 2013 Stewardship theme for promotional and educational purposes.

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