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NACD is building a vast network of soil health leaders to advance the adoption of soil conservation practices nationwide. Already, the network has become a space for soil champions to exchange best management practices, tell success stories, and learn how to make improvements in their own operations. NACD believes this network will play a key role in driving a countrywide movement to improve America’s soils. Do you know a Soil Health Champion?

In March 2015, NACD launched the Soil Health Champions Network with help from a NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant. As of the close of 2016, NACD has recruited over 150 farmers, ranchers, and forestland owners who not only use soil health practices in their operations, but are also willing to share and promote their soil health stories within their communities.

NACD recognizes Soil Health Champions at the national level for their work to advance soil health in the first eResource of every month and in every edition of The Resource. The association also features soil champs on our website (click on the map below to meet our current Soil Health Champions) and showcases their achievements at NACD meetings and events.

For more information about the roles Soil Health Champions, NACD, state associations, and local districts play, click here, or contact NACD North Central Representative Beth Mason. We also invite our members and partners to print and disseminate our Soil Health Champions Network brochure.

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Soil Health Champions
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American Samoa

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