NACD Staff

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Jeremy Peters
Chief Executive Officer
Washington, D.C.
Candice Abinanti
Southeast Region Representative
Charlotte, N.C.
Stephanie Addison
Director of Communications
Washington, D.C.
Mike Beacom
Forestry Specialist
Amherst Junction, Wisconsin
Diana Blackwood
Stewardship and Education Coordinator
Washington, D.C.
Deb Bogar
Senior Advisor
Littleton, Colorado
Carlton Bridgeforth
Projects and Partnerships Coordinator
Washington, D.C.
Jennifer Brooks
NCF-Envirothon Program Manager
Oxford, N.C.
Jeff Burwell
Western Issues Specialist
Ridgway, Colorado
Laura Demmel
Director of Development
Bozeman, Montana
Rich Duesterhaus
Director of Projects and Partnerships
Washington, D.C.
Coleman Garrison
Director of Government Affairs
Washington, D.C.
Eric Hansen
Northeast Region Representative and Policy Specialist
Washington, D.C.
Sunni Heikes-Knapton
Northern Plains Region Representative
Ennis, Mont.
Sara Kangas
Communications Manager
Washington, D.C.
Karla Maldonado
Director of Finance and Administration
Washington, D.C.
Beth Mason
North Central Region Representative
Indianapolis, Indiana
Keith Owen
South Central Region Representative
Norman, Oklahoma
Adam Pugh
Natural Resource Policy Specialist
Washington, D.C.
Diya Ram
Executive Assistant
Washington, D.C.
Ariel Rivers
Pacific Region Representative
Livermore, California
Ariel Stewart
Accounting Coordinator
Washington, D.C.
Kimberly Uldricks
Director of Membership
Washington, D.C.

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