Did You Know? NACD has a new logo

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NACD may have a new look, but our identity remains rooted. We support and promote this nation’s 3,000 conservation districts.

Updating the look of NACD’s branding elements – and publishing guidelines on their use – gives our organization and its members a foundation to enhance NACD brand awareness and name recognition nationwide. It is crucial NACD members and partners use our brand consistently at national, state, and local levels. Doing so underscores the value of our work and helps NACD solidify its role as the national voice of conservation in the United States.

Your dedication to consistent branding will make a real difference today and for many years to come.

The NACD “full logo” consists of the words “National Association of Conservation Districts” spelled out under the Conservation “C” in either blue on white (or transparent), or white on a NACD blue background. The NACD Conservation “C” may either be white or NACD blue. With special permission from NACD, the Conservation “C” logo may be displayed in NACD yellow.

The NACD full logo and Conservation “C” logo are the sole identifying marks for the association. One, or both, of these logos should be included on all of NACD’s information products, regardless of medium.

NACD’s Conservation “C” is iconic. Help us maintain the effectiveness of NACD’s Conservation “C” and full logo by using them consistently and correctly, as laid out in NACD’s branding guidelines document. Click here to view the branding guidelines webinar.

Please do not:

  • Recreate either logo.
  • Stretch, compress, or distort either logo.
  • Use a screenshot of either logo for a print publication.
  • Enlarge either logo until it becomes “grainy” or distorted.
  • Add elements or lines to either logo.
  • Modify either logo’s colors.

If you have questions about appropriate applications for NACD logos, please contact Director of Communications Whitney Forman-Cook.


Specifications for NACD blue:

  • HTML code: #09589A
  • RGB code: R: 9 G: 88 B: 154
  • HSV: 207.31° 94.16% 60.39%

Specifications for NACD yellow:

  • HTML code: #FDBA03
  • RGB code: R: 253 G: 186 B: 3
  • HSV: 43.92° 98.81% 99.22%

Standard Fonts

The font used in NACD logos and on its website is Myriad Pro. For general publications, NACD uses Myriad Pro and alternatively, Calibri or Avenir – fonts standard on Microsoft Office applications.

Downloadable Logos

Full NACD logo with Conservation “C”

  • Blue background, white Conservation “C” |PNGEPS|
  • White background, blue Conservation “C” |PNGEPS|
  • No background, blue Conservation “C” |PNG|
  • No background, white Conservation “C” |PNG|

NACD’s Conservation “C”

  • Blue background, white Conservation “C” |PNGEPS|
  • White background, blue Conservation “C” |PNGEPS|
  • No background, blue Conservation “C” |PNG|
  • No background, white Conservation “C” |PNG|

Content for this edition of Did You Know? was provided by NACD Director of Communications Whitney Forman-Cook. If you have questions about NACD’s logo and branding guidelines, please contact her at whitney-forman-cook[at]nacdnet.org.

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