Did You Know? National Conservation Planning Partnership

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NACD is a partner in the National Conservation Planning Partnership, along with NRCS, the National Association of State Conservation Agencies (NASCA), the National Conservation District Employees Association (NCDEA), and the National Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils (NARC&DC).

Did You Know?

NCPP was formed in 2015 to emphasize the critical role that conservation planning plays in advancing voluntary conservation efforts on private lands. Since then, the partnership has worked to “reinvigorate conservation planning” by implementing goals, offering new tools, and expanding training to enhance the capacities of those working through the conservation delivery system to provide sound conservation planning assistance to landowners and managers.

NCPP has developed a strategy that ensures conservation field staff have the right expertise, are stationed in the right locations, and have enough time to work one-on-one with our diverse customer base. For the planning process to work, effective communication is essential.

The four overarching objectives of NCPP are to:

  1. Reinvigorate conservation planning
  2. Improve the partnership’s capacity to deliver one-on-one conservation planning assistance
  3. Ensure the delivery of voluntary, science-based assistance
  4. Build a workforce of strong conservation planners.

To accomplish these objectives, the NCPP Leadership Team has appointed four Action Teams: (1) Partnership and Leveraging, (2) Training, Certification and Technical Tools, (3) Communication and Messaging, and (4) Outcomes and Accountability.

The partnership also hosts webinars on modern conservation planning monthly, and is one of the reasons conservation district employees are invited to participate in NRCS’ Conservation Planning Boot Camp.

Content for this edition of Did You Know? was provided by NRCS. If you are interested in learning more about NCPP, contact NACD Director of Communications Stephanie Addison at stephanie-addison[at]nacdnet.org.

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