NACD Leadership

The National Association of Conservation Districts is directed by dedicated men and women from across the nation who volunteer their time and efforts to lead the association. NACD’s leaders also serve on the board of directors for their local conservation districts.

NACD Officers

The NACD Officers are responsible for providing overall leadership for the association and seeing that NACD policies are carried out in accordance with the applicable procedures and requirements.

NACD’s officers include: a president, a first vice president, a second vice president, a secretary-treasurer and a chief executive officer; and with the exception of the chief executive officer, are nominated by a committee appointed by the president. The officers are elected by the NACD Board of Directors. Terms of office are two years.

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Executive Board

NACD’s Executive Board manages the business of the association. The executive board develops an annual budget and recommends quota levels for approval or disapproval by the board of directors. The executive board also appoints the association’s chief executive officer, establishes national resource policy groups (RPGs) and hearing committees subject to the approval or disapproval of the NACD Board of Directors, guides and assists the NACD Region Chairs, and manages annual meeting planning.

The executive board is composed of NACD’s president, first vice president, second vice president, and secretary-treasurer, in addition to one member from each of NACD’s regions, one member from CTIC, and the chief executive officer, who serves as a nonvoting member. The board of directors elects members of the executive board to represent each region. Executive board members serve two-year terms.

Click here for a full list of NACD Executive Board members and Region Chairs.

Board of Directors

The NACD Board of Directors is the policy-making body for NACD. The board considers proposed policy resolutions and amendments to NACD’s bylaws; elects NACD Officers; approves or disapproves NACD’s annual budget and annual quota; oversees the association’s committees; and provides overall guidance for the association.

The board consists of one voting representative and one alternate from each state association, five nonvoting officers, one nonvoting representative from each NACD region, and one nonvoting representative from CTIC. Each state association determines the method of selection for its board representative. The term of office for a board member is two years. State associations and CTIC determine the number of consecutive terms that a representative may serve.

To find the NACD Board of Directors members for your state, visit the Conservation District Directory.

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