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The mission of the National Conservation Foundation (NCF) is to identify and advance strategic programs and partnerships to deliver conservation solutions through locally-led conservation and to develop the next generation of conservation leaders. The vision of the National Conservation Foundation is to support delivery of locally-led conservation and to create future conservation leaders.

The foundation does this by providing conservation districts and other conservation organizations funding for research, educational programs, and public outreach. In fulfilling its mission, NCF has two programs that work to develop the next generation of conservation leaders: the NCF-Envirothon competition, a high school environmental and natural resources program and competition, and the Next Generation Leadership Institute, a new program to cultivate the next generation of locally-led conservation leaders.

The foundation published its 2020 Annual Report in the spring of 2021. Please click the cover to the right to view the online edition. You can also view the 2018 Annual Report, here, and the 2019 Annual Report, here.

On October 1, 2020, the NCF launched its new logo (shown below) in tandem with the launch of its 2020 end of year campaign.

To receive more information about NCF or its projects, please contact NCF Executive Director Jeremy Peters.

To make a tax-deductible donation to NCF, please click the donate button below or make checks payable to:
National Conservation Foundation
509 Capitol Court NE
Washington, DC 20002

EIN: 90-0136120

Members of the NCF Executive Committee

Brent Van Dyke Chair New Mexico
Tim Reich Vice Chair South Dakota
John Redding Treasurer Georgia
Patricia Lardie Secretary Wisconsin
Steve Robinson At-Large Ohio
Rudy Rice At-Large Illinois
Tim Palmer NACD Immediate Past President Iowa
Jeremy Peters Executive Director Virginia

Members of the NCF Board of Trustees

Barbara Perlman-Whyman Presidents Association Representative Nevada
Shana Joy NASCA Representative Washington
Irene Moore NCDEA Representative Ohio
Karen Smart NACD Auxiliary Representative Utah
Millie Langley NCF-Envirothon Representative North Carolina
Bob Warner NACD Board Member Colorado
Earl Garber NACD Past President Louisiana
Gene Schmidt NACD Past President Indiana
Mike Mosel At-Large Nebraska
Bevin Law At-Large Kansas
Rick Jeans At-Large Oklahoma


The National Conservation Foundation assumed responsibility for the international Envirothon education competition in the spring of 2014. Go here to learn more about Envirothon and how you can become a sponsor.

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