Instilling a Conservation Ethic

In this season of giving, I encourage you to donate to the Next Generation Leadership Campaign by the end of the year. Every dollar will be graciously matched 100 percent.

This time of year, I reflect with gratitude that a conservation ethic was instilled in me from an early age while growing up on a farm in Nebraska. The values I learned as a child made me view the world with a lens of curiosity and respect toward the land, water and air we all get to enjoy. The conservation efforts the nation’s 3,000 conservation districts exhibit day in and day out is a fascinating process and true display of democracy and civic engagement. Having had the opportunity to travel around the world and live in a few other countries, I can verify the system of locally-led leadership through conservation districts is unique to our nation.

Today, we have an opportunity to advance locally-led conservation efforts into a new era—one where our impact can be even greater, even with growing and increasing environmental challenges. This requires skilled leaders to have crucial conversations on the local, state and national levels on what districts will look like in the future and how to support them in managing our nation’s natural resources, whether in an urban community or a small farm town.

Organizations in and outside of our conservation partnership are invested in sustainability from the ground up and are looking for districts to step up. Investing in the next generation of leaders signifies a small but mighty step toward securing the future we want. As a next generation individual myself, and one with a passion for leadership, I encourage you to contribute to this campaign in a way that is meaningful to you.

Thank you so much for investing your time, thoughtfulness and resources to ensure a bright future for my generation and many more to come.

Happy holidays to you and yours,

Laura Demmel
NACD Director of Development

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