Investing in the Future

I’ve been involved in agriculture my whole life, but my career in conservation began when I realized at an early age that production agriculture couldn’t be sustainable without preserving the nation’s natural resources.

However, as I look out during NACD meetings, I am stricken with reality that it’s time to pass the torch. If we go away, who is going to tell our story? We’re an older generation, and the average age of American producers continues to get older. It is so crucial we get the next generation to understand the significance of what we do as a national association and get them involved. It’s our responsibility to invest in future leaders and get them excited about carrying on this legacy.

That’s why earlier this month, the National Conservation Foundation (NCF), in partnership with the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD), launched the Next Generation Leadership Campaign to support the next generation of conservation leaders. Identifying and aiding these individuals will allow the conservation mission to live on through the next generation of conservation leaders.

Contributing to this campaign enables NACD and NCF to identify and develop leaders on the local, state and national level. If we are going to be sustainable as a country, we have to set up a model that will assist and deliver conservation for the next 50 years. This campaign will help us recruit the leaders in that next generation that are best equipped to continue circulating the conservation message in the future.

We have to gather the next generation of men and women to get a game plan on how agriculture and conservation move forward. Through this campaign, we have a vision to reach the next generation to help them develop the skillset they need to enable them to make a difference in the conservation community.

Your contribution will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous benefactor to reach our year-end goal of $100,000. I encourage you to support this important effort and help us achieve our goal by Dec. 31, 2018.


Brent Van Dyke
President, NACD

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