2017 Urban Agriculture Conservation Grant Recipients

Take a tour of all the recipients to date, including the 2017 grantees, below.

Lessons learned:

“If your project is taking your district into new partnerships and areas of service, be patient. The connections you build to establish lasting and mutually beneficial relationships will be stronger in successive years than in the first year, but continue to nurture them. When serving urban audiences, especially in underserved and ethnically diverse communities, educate yourself on culturally appropriate practices. ” – Diane Fish, Kitsap CD, Wash.

“In the beginning, this project was a way for the NRD to educate others on the benefits of soil health. In the end, we not only sparked interest in others, but gained a better understanding of ourselves.” – Marie Krausnick, Upper Big Blue NRD, Neb.

“We increased capacity to reach urban audiences unaware of our organization, mission, and the services we provide. Then we were able to provide a technical and financial assistance boost toward their conservation practice implementation. ” – Angela Warren, Genesee CD, Mich.


  • Arkansas – Sebastian County CD
  • California – Inland Empire RCD
  • Delaware – New Castle CD
  • Georgia – Fulton County SWCD
  • Iowa – Johnson County SWCD
  • Kansas – Douglas County CD
  • Maryland – Prince George’s SCD
  • Michigan – Genesee CD
  • Nebraska – Upper Big Blue NRD
  • Nevada – Nevada Tahoe CD
  • New Jersey – Ocean County SCD
  • New Mexico – Ciudad SWCD
  • New Mexico – San Juan SWCD
  • Virginia – Colonial SWCD
  • Virginia – Lord Fairfax SWCD
  • Washington – Cascadia CD
  • Washington – Grant CD
  • Washington – Kitsap CD
  • Washington – Snohomish CD

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