2019 Urban Agriculture Conservation Grant Recipients

Final Report

Take a tour of all the recipients to date, including the 2019 grantees, below.

Lessons learned:

“Urban agriculture projects, just like farmers, are often juggling a lot at once. Any extra support
you can provide to help see a project through is often welcome, such as selecting possible native plants that do well in their climate or doing any extra background research they might not have time to do.”
– Kasey Butler, San Mateo RCD, Calif.

“Collectively, Worcester County Conservation District was able to more effectively raise awareness about soil health and conservation through strong partnerships, increasing the level
of interest in soil sampling and technical assistance requests ranging from urban gardeners to homesteaders to farmers, than we could as a stand-alone organization. Realize it is better to work with partners to support each other’s messages and lighten the collective load.”
– Lisa Trotto, Worcester County CD, Mass.

“Whether it’s a short growing season and you realize you missed your planting window or there is a global pandemic, things don’t always go as planned! Adapting to new conditions is hard but also creates unique opportunities. Online programming can be engaging with adults and youth alike, even when it comes to topics that are typically outdoors.”Becca Reiss, North St Louis SWCD, Minn.


  • Arizona – Winkelman NRCD
  • Arkansas – Crawford County CD
  • California – Alameda County RCD
  • California – San Mateo RCD
  • Idaho – Ada SWCD
  • Idaho – Gooding SCD
  • Idaho – Kootenai-Shoshone SWCD
  • Massachusetts – Worcester County CD
  • Michigan – Marquette County CD
  • Minnesota – North St. Louis SWCD
  • New Hampshire – Cheshire County CD
  • New Hampshire – Merrimack County CD
  • New Mexico – Doña Ana SWCD
  • New York – Cortland County SWCD
  • Ohio – Hamilton County SWCD
  • Pennsylvania – Lehigh County CD
  • Rhode Island – Northern Rhode Island CD
  • Rhode Island – Southern Rhode Island CD
  • Washington – Okanogan CD
  • Washington – Palouse-Rock Lake CD


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