2016 Urban Agriculture Conservation Grant Recipients

Final Report

Take a tour of all the recipients to date, including the 2016 grantees, below.

Lessons learned:

“Don’t just reach out to the usual groups and volunteers in your community. We had a lot of closed doors early on until we stepped out of the box and started to connect with others who were already doing the work we needed. Made all the difference. People generally want to help out – don’t get discouraged and just keep asking.” – Valerie Vissia, Lincoln County CD, Wash.

“One of my thoughts – drawn from personal experience and from stories I heard at this year’s conference – is a reminder that we can’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Collaboration can be tricky. Real change occurs in fits and starts. Sometimes projects take twice as long as expected. Sometimes partners bail. Sometimes we get halfway to our vision and hit a barrier we can’t overcome. That does not negate the value of our work, nor does it mean we failed.” – Nicole Anderson Ellis, Henricopolis SWCD, Va.

“We always knew hands-on activities and learning in the environment are the best way to learn, but the workshops reiterated the importance of learning by doing. Participants were engaged, curious and energized and had more questions than we had time to ponder together. The use of technology is important in efficient use of limited resources, but there is no substitute for real interactions in the real garden environment!” – Shino Tanikawa, New York City SWCD, N.Y.


  • Alaska – Fairbanks SWCD
  • Alabama – Jefferson County CD
  • Arkansas – Perry County CD
  • California – RCD of Greater San Diego County
  • California – Riverside-Corona RCD
  • Colorado – Jefferson CD
  • Connecticut – Connecticut River Coastal CD
  • Connecticut – Eastern Connecticut CD
  • Florida – Hillsborough SWCD
  • Florida – Leon SWCD
  • Georgia – Flint River SWCD
  • Georgia – Oconee River SWCD
  • Indiana – Hamilton County SWCD
  • Indiana – Marion County SWCD
  • Kentucky – Jefferson County SWCD
  • Maine – Cumberland County SWCD
  • Michigan – Kent CD
  • Minnesota – Ramsey CD
  • Missouri – Boone County SWCD
  • Missouri – Greene County SWCD
  • Nevada – CD of Southern Nevada

  • New Hampshire – Hillsborough County CD
  • New Jersey – Hudson-Essex-Passaic SCD
  • New Mexico – Valencia SWCD
  • New York – New York City SWCD
  • North Carolina – Durham County SWCD
  • North Carolina – Wake SWCD
  • Ohio – Cuyahoga SWCD
  • Ohio – Lucas SWCD
  • Ohio – Muskingum SWCD
  • Pennsylvania – Allegheny County CD
  • Pennsylvania – Blair County CD
  • Pennsylvania – Lycoming County CD
  • Pennsylvania – Montgomery County CD
  • South Carolina – Greenville County SWCD
  • Virginia – Henricopolis SWCD
  • Virginia – New River SWCD
  • Washington – Clark CD
  • Washington – King CD
  • Washington – Lincoln County CD
  • Washington – Pierce CD
  • Washington – Spokane CD

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