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Sherburne SWCD expands EAB detection partnerships

The Sherburne Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is partnering with new agencies and using the power of volunteers to ensure forest health in Minnesota. Sherburne SWCD held two volunteer training sessions this year to recruit community members to assist in pruning trees and observing woodpeckers for early emerald ash borer (EAB) detection, the fifth… Continue reading →

USDA Releases 2017 Ag Census Data

By NACD Government Affairs Manager Eric Hansen The USDA Census of Agriculture is conducted every five years. As a complete count of every farm in America, it is unique from other USDA data sets, which are based on sampling and statistical modeling. The Ag Census started in 1840 and has been conducted by USDA’s National… Continue reading →

The Historical Impact of Rangeland Management

By NACD Intern Lacey Fiedler Range management practices have existed for centuries to help sustain proper habitats for plants and wildlife. Conservation districts have worked throughout the decades to improve range management in their communities, especially by assisting with controlling wild horse and burro populations on public lands. Overpopulation of horses and burros leads to… Continue reading →

Birds and Berries – Friend or Foe?

By Lucas Patzek, Napa County Resource Conservation District and Ariel Rivers, NACD Pacific Region Representative No one can be blamed for thinking that birds and berries don’t mix. Anyone growing grapes or blueberries has at some point broken into a sweat or paced their fence line with a pitchfork after spotting a cloud of starlings… Continue reading →

Natural Resources Districts Active in Flooding Relief

By Sunni Heikes-Knapton, NACD Northern Plains Region Representative The nation has been watching closely as the striking images of flooding from the Midwest are broadcast to the world: farm houses and grain bins standing like lonely islands in a sea, landscapes where floodwaters stretch to the horizon and beyond, paved roads chopped into intermittent chunks,… Continue reading →

Minnesota SWCD battles oak wilt

Minnesota’s Morrison County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is awaiting legislative approval for a grant that would allow the district to treat oak wilt along the northwestern edge of the disease in Minnesota before it strikes state forestland. “This area is a strategic spot to control oak wilt,” state Department of Natural Resources (DNR)… Continue reading →

Alabama field day helps educate hundreds

Thanks to its relationship with Saloom Properties LLC, Conecuh County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is able to educate Alabama landowners about a variety of programs available for their forestland. Conecuh County SWCD coordinated with Saloom Tree Farms to hold a field day in September that drew more than 300 people on a rainy… Continue reading →

Pollinator Conservation Takes Off in Montana

The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (MDNRC) recently published the below article. NACD thanks Linda Brander, a resource specialist for the Conservation Districts Bureau within MDNRC, for the opportunity to republish this story on our blog. By John Grassy, Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation As a boy growing up on the family ranch in Ekalaka,… Continue reading →

Northeast Region Builds Capacity with Pilot Project

By NACD Northeast Region Representative and Policy Specialist Eric Hansen In April 2018, representatives from across the conservation partnership in the Northeast met in Tarrytown, N.Y., to examine their current activities and assets. Participants shared their best practices and discussed their visions for the future. By the end of this meeting, eight action plans had… Continue reading →

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