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Confronting Emerald Ash Borer in St. Lawrence County

Since its establishment in 1957, the St. Lawrence County Soil and Water Conservation District  in New York has been committed to safeguarding environmental resources. The district has evolved to encompass a wide range of initiatives, including forestry management. In 2004, the district assumed responsibility for the management of all county owned forestry land, effectively replacing… Continue reading →

Jefferson Conservation District & Partners Lead $19M Forest Resilience Initiative

Jefferson Conservation District (JCD) in Colorado, in collaboration with partners, has secured federal grants totaling over $19 million to address forest restoration, wildlife habitat preservation, and wildfire mitigation across the Northern Front Range. This initiative, funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) aims to thin out dense forests on private lands,… Continue reading →

Conservation Districts Lead Charge Against Feral Swine in Georgia

In the lush landscapes of Georgia, a relentless battle wages against the invasive, highly damaging feral swine. These descendants of domestic pigs, now wide-spread and invasive, pose a significant threat to agriculture, natural habitats, and local economies. Amid the challenges posed by these destructive creatures, a coalition of conservation districts, governmental bodies, and research institutions… Continue reading →

Maine Conservation Districts Empowering Landowners Through Certification

Building upon the foundation of innovative conservation practices, Knox-Lincoln SWCD and Waldo County SWCD in Maine introduced a Conservation Landscape Certification Program designed to empower landowners in being the best land stewards possible. This initiative aligns with the broader efforts of conservation districts in promoting best management practices and fostering sustainable landscapes. The certification program… Continue reading →

Soil Health Champion Jimmy Emmons and Other Farmers Highlighted in New Book that Shares the Benefits of Cover Crops from Farms Across the Country

By Dr. Robert L. Myers, University of Missouri The proliferation of USDA climate-smart programs supporting cover crops, including the Farmers for Soil Health initiative and NACD’s climate-smart project, has created a demand for more information on cover crops. My new cover crop guidebook, “Cover Crops: Improving Life on the Land,” provides a detailed set of… Continue reading →

Agriculture & Sustainable Energy STEM Career Academy Tricities

Benton Conservation District (BCD) is a proud recipient of the Friends of NACD Grant in 2023.  BCD partnered with Benton PUD, Washington Grain Commission, Franklin PUD, Grant PUD, Energy Northwest, Franklin Conservation District, Walla Walla Conservation District, Pacific Northwest National Labs, Washington State University Tri-Cities, City of Richland Energy Services, CHS Sun Basin Growers, Educational… Continue reading →

Anchorage SWCD: Cultivating Alaska’s Future

In November 2021, the Anchorage Soil and Water Conservation District (ASWCD) in Alaska was re-established with a renewed focus on addressing local environmental challenges. The district has swiftly expanded its team, with four experienced employees specializing in natural resource management. Current initiatives include the Invasive Species Program, Urban Agriculture Program, and Native Plants Program, along… Continue reading →

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