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Forestry Notes Q&A: Paul DeLong

Paul DeLong is senior vice president for the American Tree Farm System & Conservation at the American Forest Foundation (AFF). He supports a talented team of conservationists working with partners to administer the nearly 20 million-acre Tree Farm program, and implement projects on family-owned forest lands designed to protect drinking water supplies, at-risk wildlife, and… Continue reading →

Pierce CD participates in carbon credit forestry program

The Pierce Conservation District (CD) in Washington is participating in a unique program that will establish urban forestry carbon credits for a county that is home to nearly a million people. In a pilot program funded through a grant from the Boeing Company to non-profit carbon registry and certification organization City Forest Credits, the conservation… Continue reading →

NCF #FutureFocused Q&A with Frankie Lineberger

Frankie Lineberger, an Envirothon alumna, works on her husband’s family farm in Gaston County, North Carolina. She and her husband, who is also an Envirothon alumnus, sell most of their crops at their roadside stand. Lineberger first became involved with Envirothon in sixth grade and continued her involvement throughout the rest of her middle- and… Continue reading →

NCF #FutureFocused Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson, chairman of the National Conservation Foundation (NCF), is a row crop farmer and excavation contractor from Marysville, Ohio. Robinson works closely with the Union Soil and Water Conservation District, serving on its board for over 30 years. His contracting company also builds a lot of the conservation practices drawn up by local soil… Continue reading →

NCF #FutureFocused – Alyssa D. Hamill

NCF #FutureFocused Q&A with Alyssa D. Hamill Alyssa D. Hamill is the corporate sustainability specialist for Smithfield Foods and is part of their Environmental Affairs Team. In her position, she tracks the company’s progress toward environmental goals and targets. Hamill grew up visiting many national parks, so she has always felt close to environmental conservation.… Continue reading →

#FutureFocused Q&A with John Redding

John Redding, NACD Past President and National Conservation Foundation (NCF) Treasurer, began his career as an agriculture teacher. In 1978, after nine years, he became a part of his local conservation district’s board. Redding has served in many different capacities for other conservation organizations as well, including the Georgia Association of Conservation Districts and NACD.… Continue reading →

RCDs play key role in forest health incentive program

In California’s North Bay, resource conservation districts (RCDs) have partnered with Rebuild North Bay Foundation and the Clear Lake Environmental Research Center to form the North Bay Forest Improvement Program (NBFIP) to help non-industrial forest landowners with less than 500 acres implement fuels treatments and forest restoration projects on their properties. NBFIP is being launched… Continue reading →

NCF #FutureFocused Q&A with Emily Moberg, PhD

Emily Moberg, PhD, is an Envirothon alumna and currently works at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in D.C. She also runs the National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation, an organization that seeks to educate U.S.-based informal and formal science educators on how to effectively communicate climate science to the American public. Moberg first… Continue reading →

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