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Watershed program allows Minnesota district to address woodland objectives

The Root River Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) in Minnesota is using Watershed Conservation Planning Initiative (WCPI) funds to expand landowner projects, including into wooded areas. WCPI aims to increase Minnesota Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)'s and SWCDs’ ability to work with landowners on conservation planning. The initiative is funded through a three-year, $3… Continue reading →

SWCD helping Charlotte, N.C. achieve tree canopy mission

The Mecklenburg Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is helping to shape policy for tree canopy conservation in North Carolina. Earlier this year, the city of Charlotte created a Tree Canopy Action Plan Stakeholder team in response to public outcry to a tree ordinance amendment. Mecklenburg SWCD already works closely with the city’s Stormwater Committee,… Continue reading →

California Resource Conservation Districts Lend a Helping Hand

By Kiko Barr The California Association of Resource Conservation Districts (CARCD) has awarded COVID-19 Recovery Community Service grants to eight resource conservation districts (RCDs). The RCDs will receive mini-grants of $5,000 each to create positive impact and to support their communities as they deal with the consequences of COVID-19. Programs that will be funded by… Continue reading →

Teaming Up for Technical Assistance in Northern Florida

By Katrina Vaitkus In northern Florida where the primary natural resource concerns are water quantity and quality, technical assistance is key to helping producers address those concerns. The Suwannee County Soil and Water Conservation District, through NACD Technical Assistance Grants, has been crucial in boosting technical assistance capacity in the area. Not only has the… Continue reading →

The National Wild Turkey Federation, COVID-19 and Beyond

By Matt Lindler With more than 47 years as a leader in wildlife conservation, science-based wildlife and habitat management, and an advocate for hunters’ rights, the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) is a respected voice in the conservation community throughout the United States. Building a Firm Foundation with Partnerships Founded in 1973, the organization was… Continue reading →

Conservation districts helping to update CWPPs

Conservation districts (CD) like Skagit and San Juan Islands CD in Washington State are partnering with local, state and federal agencies to update decades-old Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP). The U.S. Forest Service has guidelines for updating CWPPs, but the process is left up to the local groups coordinating the effort. That can present both… Continue reading →

Forestry Notes Q&A: Craig Rawlings

Craig Rawlings has more than 40 years of experience in the forest products industry. He has operated several successful construction and forest product-related businesses, and since 2009, has served as president and CEO of Forest Business Network, which specializes in forest product business news and consultation. Based in Montana, Rawlings is recognized as one of… Continue reading →

Woodland owners learn benefits of pollinator diversity

Most landowners are familiar with pollinators – the most common, of course, is the honeybee – but there are many other pollinators, and woodland owners are starting to learn about the benefits of broadening the pollinator profile. While honeybees account for approximately 75 percent of crop plant pollination and many tree species count on wind… Continue reading →

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