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Did You Know? Diversity & Customer Service

Why should a conservation district board care about diversity? The idea of diversity goes beyond differing races or genders on district boards. Creating a diverse board provides the best possible customer service to communities. A diverse board reflects the ideas of many cultures, races, religions and genders and creates an environment of inclusivity so everyone…… Continue reading →

Did You Know? Districts are helping Native American tribes put conservation on the ground

By David Vogel, NACD Tribal Outreach and Partnership Resource Policy Group advisor Did you know that NACD is helping conservation districts and Native American tribes establish mutually-beneficial partnerships in putting conservation on the ground? In 2017, NACD established a new resource policy group (RPG) under the Natural Resources Policy Committee with the mission to assist…… Continue reading →

Did You Know? Soil and Water Conservation Commission Implements Pilot Program to Train Supervisors

By Bryan Evans, North Carolina Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts Executive Director Note from the editor: North Carolina serves on the District Operations/Member Services Committee. The committee has decided to return the focus of "Did You Know?" content to elements of District Official Training and/or District Operations. The information below does not pertain…… Continue reading →

Did You Know? NACD has a Presidents Association

The NACD Presidents Association (PA) brings together former and current presidents of state/territory associations so that they may continue to contribute to the improvement of district, state, and national programs that promote natural resource conservation. Everyone who is serving or has served as a presi­dent of a state or territory association of conserva­tion districts is…… Continue reading →

Did You Know? How to build effective conservation partnerships

By Mike Brown, Executive Director of the National Association of State Conservation Agencies and Associate Board Supervisor of the Kent Conservation District in Delaware Did you know? That conservation districts, working in concert with NRCS, are ineffective as deliverers of soil and water conservation on private lands? That agricultural conservation programs only focus on farm-scale…… Continue reading →

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