Friends of NACD District Grant Helps the Beaver County Conservation District Strengthen Community Wildfire Prevention and Preparedness

On Sept. 11, 2021 the Beaver County Conservation District in Oklahoma hosted a “Surviv’n Blazes Block Party” during the annual Beaver County Free Fair. The event attracted more than 100 attendees and was a celebration of wildfire recovery and resiliency following the “412 Wildfire” that blazed through the county on March 7, 2020. The event…… Continue reading →

King CD Efforts Aim to Improve Tree Canopy Numbers

As part of King Conservation District (KCD)’s interlocal agreement with King County, funding and staff time has been set aside to support urban forest health programming in municipalities throughout King County to address tree canopy decline in Washington and the inequitable distribution of urban forests and the benefits that they provide. “We’ve been able to…… Continue reading →

SWCD helping to restore bottomland in Indiana

Owen County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) may be putting the town of Southport, Indiana back on the map through conservation efforts that include replanting acres of bottomland. “This is great for forest management and forest restoration education,” Owen County SWCD Executive Director Devin Brown said. “There are several different types of plantings to…… Continue reading →

NRD helping Nebraska achieve tree planting objectives

With Nebraska Forest Service reporting an 18 percent average loss in tree canopy across communities in the state, the Upper Niobrara White Natural Resources District (NRD) is reaching out to landowners and partnering with other agencies to replant its lost trees. “It’s hard to identify a single cause. I’d call it a chronic problem,” Upper…… Continue reading →

Oak Restoration Project Helps Landowners Give Back to the Land

Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) landowners are lining up to participate in what some might consider an “alternative” forestry effort: removing valuable Douglas fir to restore Oregon white oak and its wildlife habitat. The SWCD recently was awarded a second round of funding through the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) with the goal…… Continue reading →

New York SWCD Planting Riparian Buffers to Enhance Water Quality

The Schuyler County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) in New York is using different state funding mechanisms to implement projects, including planting nearly 60 acres of riparian buffers to preserve and enhance water quality across several watersheds. “Buffers are one of the most cost-effective conservation practices we can utilize,” Schuyler County SWCD Manager Jerry…… Continue reading →

NACD Forestry Notes Q&A: Beattra Wilson

Beattra Wilson is Assistant Director for Cooperative Forestry within the U.S. Forest Service. As national lead for the agency’s Urban and Community Forestry Program, Wilson oversees program policy, budget, partnership development and strategic and equitable delivery of federal and state urban forestry programs. She has built a career administering conservation cooperative assistance programs at regional…… Continue reading →

Washington Partnership Recognized for Outstanding Work

The Clallam Conservation District (CCD) and the Quileute Tribe recently received a Conservation District Tribal Partnership Award for the relationship the two groups have developed to meet the conservation needs of Clallam County in Washington over the past five years. “It’s a win-win, in that we work together as much as we can on everything,”…… Continue reading →

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