Jefferson Conservation District & Partners Lead $19M Forest Resilience Initiative

Jefferson Conservation District (JCD) in Colorado, in collaboration with partners, has secured federal grants totaling over $19 million to address forest restoration, wildlife habitat preservation, and wildfire mitigation across the Northern Front Range. This initiative, funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) aims to thin out dense forests on private lands,…… Continue reading →

Conservation Districts Lead Charge Against Feral Swine in Georgia

In the lush landscapes of Georgia, a relentless battle wages against the invasive, highly damaging feral swine. These descendants of domestic pigs, now wide-spread and invasive, pose a significant threat to agriculture, natural habitats, and local economies. Amid the challenges posed by these destructive creatures, a coalition of conservation districts, governmental bodies, and research institutions…… Continue reading →

Maine Conservation Districts Empowering Landowners Through Certification

Building upon the foundation of innovative conservation practices, Knox-Lincoln SWCD and Waldo County SWCD in Maine introduced a Conservation Landscape Certification Program designed to empower landowners in being the best land stewards possible. This initiative aligns with the broader efforts of conservation districts in promoting best management practices and fostering sustainable landscapes. The certification program…… Continue reading →

California Resource Conservation Districts Enhance Forest Health and Fire Resilience

In response to the devastating wildfires that swept through California's North Bay Counties in October 2017, local partners including the Napa Resource Conservation District (RCD) created the North Bay Forest Improvement Program (NBFIP). The NBFIP is a collaboration between Napa RCD, Mendocino RCD, and Sonoma RCD, along with the Clear Lake Environmental Research Center (CLERC)…… Continue reading →

Anchorage SWCD: Cultivating Alaska’s Future

In November 2021, the Anchorage Soil and Water Conservation District (ASWCD) in Alaska was re-established with a renewed focus on addressing local environmental challenges. The district has swiftly expanded its team, with four experienced employees specializing in natural resource management. Current initiatives include the Invasive Species Program, Urban Agriculture Program, and Native Plants Program, along…… Continue reading →

Nebraska, The Tree Planters’ State

Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts (NRDs) are government entities with a unique responsibility to protect the state's natural resources. The boundaries of the 23 NRDs are based on the major river basins in Nebraska, which allows them to respond to local conservation and resource management needs. NRDs throughout the state work with landowners and partners to…… Continue reading →

Deschutes SWCD Leverages Resources to Deliver on Local Soil Health, Fire Resilience, and Irrigation Water Management Goals

From extreme drought conditions, forest pest population booms, the resultant wildland mega-fires, depleted soil systems and water resources, Deschutes County, OR is no stranger to the complex and challenging resource concerns that impact so many transitional landscapes. Nestled along the eastern edge of the Cascade Mountain Range, the county boundary extends from forested mountain landscapes…… Continue reading →

Newaygo Conservation District Tree Nursery

Through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service’s State and Private Forestry, NACD and partners can better support conservation districts and their work with private forest landowners. The cooperative agreement allows for broader partnership engagement and helps support the production of Forestry Notes, NACD’s monthly forestry newsletter that promotes conservation…… Continue reading →

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