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Soil Health Champion Jimmy Emmons and Other Farmers Highlighted in New Book that Shares the Benefits of Cover Crops from Farms Across the Country

By Dr. Robert L. Myers, University of Missouri [caption id="attachment_51802" align="alignright" width="169"] Jimmy and his wife Ginger[/caption] The proliferation of USDA climate-smart programs supporting cover crops, including the Farmers for Soil Health initiative and NACD’s climate-smart project, has created a demand for more information on cover crops. My new cover crop guidebook, “Cover Crops: Improving…… Continue reading →

Soil Health to Boost Ecosystem Resilience

After years of research and field study, Tomasz Falkowski is putting his experience about the importance of healthy soils into practice. “I think the land is an excellent teacher of what will work, particularly in the New Mexico area,” the Associate Forestry Professor at New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas said. “Learning the language…… Continue reading →

Appreciating the “dance” of forest soil health management

Carl Struck and Johanne Riddick’s Ponderosa restoration effort in New Mexico has grown into a diverse, robust ecosystem. Recently, Struck and Riddick have been recognized as NACD Soil Health Champions for their work. “Our initial management goals did not include supporting and increasing soil health,” Struck said. “The condition of the soils came into focus…… Continue reading →

Seeds of Change

By Chrystal Houston On a hot, dry and extremely windy day in early June, Neal Hentzen surveys the dryland field on the edge of Seward, where his corn is ankle-high. The leaves on the plants whip in the wind like green streamers running in long, straight rows from the road to a faraway fencepost. Hentzen…… Continue reading →

Get ahead with your S.T.A.R. field

By Erin Bush, Champaign County SWCD and Megan Baskerville, The Nature Conservancy The Saving Tomorrow's Agriculture Resources (S.T.A.R.) initiative is an innovative conservation program that helps farmers, ranchers and landowners track how well they are caring for our soil and water while producing crops using the free S.T.A.R. field evaluation tool. Created in 2017 by…… Continue reading →

Michigan’s Van Buren CD highlights regenerative agriculture and cover crops at annual farming conference

By Erin Fuller [caption id="attachment_35674" align="alignright" width="300"] Conservation Technician Colleen Forestieri introduces keynote speaker Gabe Brown.[/caption] On March 10, over 230 local agricultural producers came together at the Van Buren Conservation District (CD)'s annual “Farming for the Future” conference in Michigan, to learn about various topics, including regenerative agriculture, plant sap analysis, compost, soil health,…… Continue reading →

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