Ocean County SCD and Barnegat Bay Partnership Realize Shared Natural Resource Management Goals

In the United States, 29 percent of the population or approximately eighty-seven million people live in coastline counties. Coastal communities, and the country at large, depend on the health of our watersheds for food, water, recreation, and more. To protect and restore the resources of our country’s coastlines and estuaries, Congress established the National Estuary…… Continue reading →

NACD Annual Meeting TA Grant Participant: Kalani Fortina

This blog post is part of a nine-part series highlighting technical assistance (TA) grant recipient participation at NACD’s 76th Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL. This post’s author, Kalani Fortina of Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District in NE, attended the meeting as a TA speaker. This year, for the first time, NACD offered stipends to 2019…… Continue reading →

Kansas Conservation Districts Embracing a New Platform: Podcasts

Kansas Conservation Districts are getting the word out about natural resource conservation in a whole new way. In a podcast through Great Plains Regeneration and the High Plains Journal, underwritten by the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Conservation (DOC), host Jessica Gnad interviewed two of the state’s greatest conservation leaders: Rod Voorhees and Daryl…… Continue reading →

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