New York SWCD Planting Riparian Buffers to Enhance Water Quality

The Schuyler County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) in New York is using different state funding mechanisms to implement projects, including planting nearly 60 acres of riparian buffers to preserve and enhance water quality across several watersheds. “Buffers are one of the most cost-effective conservation practices we can utilize,” Schuyler County SWCD Manager Jerry…… Continue reading →

Iowa: Building A Watershed Community Through Conservation Partnerships

By: Kate Giannini, Iowa Watershed Approach Communications Specialist, Iowa Flood Center THE WATERSHED APPROACH The Middle Cedar Watershed covers about 1.5 million acres in east central Iowa and spans 10 counties. Nearly 75 percent of the watershed consists of agricultural lands, with many small towns and three large metropolitan areas. [caption id="attachment_43683" align="alignright" width="250"] Cedar…… Continue reading →

How #DistrictsConserveCoasts

By Candice Abinanti Of the nearly 3,000 conservation districts across the United States, over 300 are located on the coasts and Great Lakes. These coastal districts face unique conservation challenges: coastal habitat and species loss, harmful algal blooms, shoreline erosion and sea-level rise to name a few. Throughout National Ocean Month in June 2020, NACD…… Continue reading →

Get ahead with your S.T.A.R. field

By Erin Bush, Champaign County SWCD and Megan Baskerville, The Nature Conservancy The Saving Tomorrow's Agriculture Resources (S.T.A.R.) initiative is an innovative conservation program that helps farmers, ranchers and landowners track how well they are caring for our soil and water while producing crops using the free S.T.A.R. field evaluation tool. Created in 2017 by…… Continue reading →

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