NRD helping Nebraska achieve tree planting objectives

With Nebraska Forest Service reporting an 18 percent average loss in tree canopy across communities in the state, the Upper Niobrara White Natural Resources District (NRD) is reaching out to landowners and partnering with other agencies to replant its lost trees. “It’s hard to identify a single cause. I’d call it a chronic problem,” Upper…… Continue reading →

2021 Wildfire Update: Public Policy and Programming

By Mary Scott News outlets across the country are already predicting a severe 2021 wildfire season. According to a local news outlet in Arizona, “This year poses to be similar if not worse given current wildland conditions and an abundance of fuels across Arizona, especially in the northern regions.” Unfortunately, Arizona isn’t the only state…… Continue reading →

Education by fire: SWCD installs fire signs

The Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is collaborating with other agencies to install interpretive fire signs along Bear Creek Greenway riparian corridor, where 100-plus acres were burned in Oregon’s 2018 Peninger Fire. The signs will provide detailed information about the fire, wildland ecology, native and invasive species, pollinators, riparian habitat, fire safety, the…… Continue reading →

King CD hires staff to address local wildfire concerns

The King Conservation District (KCD) in Renton, Wash., has long worked with landowners on forest stewardship planning. Recently, within the past three years, KCD has expanded its work to cover wildfire resiliency and preparedness. When word spread that KCD covered wildfire resiliency and preparedness, many landowners began requesting the district's services. The increase in public interest led…… Continue reading →

District finds ways to assist CFP in Washington

A 2008 wildfire that began with a lightning strike on Mt. Adams and moved toward nearby rural communities sparked a movement to find innovative ways to address fire risk and protect forest health in the Mt. Adams area of southern Washington. Those conversations grew into the Mt. Adams Community Forest, which benefited from the Community…… Continue reading →

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