CARCD Celebrates Pollinator Week with a Focus on the Western Monarch Butterfly

By Nancy Wahl-Scheurich The California Association of Resource Conservation Districts (CARCD) is celebrating its busiest Pollinator Week ever, managing several programs that support creation, preservation, and enhancement of monarch butterfly habitat on working lands in California.  The western monarch butterfly population has declined over 99 percent in the past 20 years. Western monarch counts in…… Continue reading →

The National Wild Turkey Federation, COVID-19 and Beyond

By Matt Lindler With more than 47 years as a leader in wildlife conservation, science-based wildlife and habitat management, and an advocate for hunters’ rights, the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) is a respected voice in the conservation community throughout the United States. Building a Firm Foundation with Partnerships Founded in 1973, the organization was…… Continue reading →

Celebrating and Conserving Bats

By Katrina Vaitkus As Halloween approaches, so does the end of Bat Week, the annual, international celebration designed to raise awareness about the need for bat conservation. Bats are more than just nocturnal animals that make for spooky stories and decorations. In fact, bats are crucial to ecosystems around the world. Bats have a few…… Continue reading →

ESA Update: Recent News on the Endangered Species Act

By Adam Pugh With the ongoing efforts to modernize the Endangered Species Act (ESA) fully under way, August in Washington, D.C., was quite busy this year despite the Congressional recess. On August 27, 2019, the Departments of the Interior and Commerce (known as the “Services”) moved forward as they published final versions of the proposed…… Continue reading →

Saving our brook trout with wood in streams

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in April 2019 in the winter edition of National Woodlands magazine and is the second of a series of articles in partnership with The National Woodland Owners Association (NWOA). By Linda Brownson As a first-time forestland owner located in the foothills of the White Mountains of New Hampshire,…… Continue reading →

The Historical Impact of Rangeland Management

By NACD Intern Lacey Fiedler Range management practices have existed for centuries to help sustain proper habitats for plants and wildlife. Conservation districts have worked throughout the decades to improve range management in their communities, especially by assisting with controlling wild horse and burro populations on public lands. Overpopulation of horses and burros leads to…… Continue reading →

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