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Soil Health: A Global Imperative

July 16 - July 18
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SOIL HEALTH: A Global Imperative

The Soil Health Institute’s 4th Annual Meeting

Attendees will learn about:

  • Where we go next for exploring soil health – human health relationships,
  • Identifying the best indicators of soil health across the U.S., Canada and Mexico,
  • New state and federal programs and policies for supporting soil health,
  • Latest research in understanding and managing the soil microbiome,
  • Filling the economics information gap for farmers,
  • Training programs to assist farmers with adopting soil health systems,
  • Adapting soil health principles in rangeland systems,
  • Ecosystem service markets for the environmental benefits attributed through soil health, and
  • Soil stewardship as the “Great Connector”.

Plus, all will contribute to the Soil Health Institute’s 2020 plans in active Action Team meetings.

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