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Welcome to NACD’s Forums – a member-based community and bulletin board that gives NACD members the opportunity to participate in an open discussion on topics of their choice. Whether you are an executive director, Soil Health Champion, Technical Assistance Grantee or on the Board of Directors, the NACD Discussion Board provides a space for you to ask questions, chat with fellow members and more.

Before participating, please see below for the NACD Discussion Board’s guidelines and rules:

  • The forums are separated by member affiliation, and you can join a group based on your role with NACD.
  • To start a discussion, you will want to create a new topic in the form of a post. Once you create a post with a topic, fellow members can reply, in a similar style to Instant Messaging or Facebook.
  • Posts and replies can be deleted and/or edited within five minutes of being published. If you choose to edit, a disclaimer stating that you made an edit will be included in your modified post.
  • Before posting, you can preview your post or submit as a draft, which allows you to access your post and revise it. You have a maximum of three revisions.
  • If you wish to stay up-to-date on the latest replies on a topic, you can subscribe for email notices that will send you a notification whenever there is a new comment posted.
  • If you wish to upload an attachment (image, Word Doc, PDF, etc.), you can only do so by replying to a post/comment. The attachment cannot be larger than 10 MB.

The Discussion Board is meant to facilitate and encourage productive discussion amongst members. NACD reserves the right to delete a post/comment if it is offensive or otherwise deemed inappropriate by NACD moderators.  

Have any questions? Please email NACD Director of Communications Sara Kangas at sara-kangas[at]


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