NACD Southeast Region Conservation Hall of Fame

The Southeast Region Conservation Hall of Fame annually recognizes and honors individuals from the Southeast Region who have had a significant impact or influence on conservation practice or partnerships at the local, state, territory, regional or national levels. Inductees selected by their state or territory associations are inducted into the Southeast Region Conservation Hall of Fame at the annual Southeast Region Meeting.

The 2021 Southeast Region Conservation Hall of Fame Luncheon is planned for Monday, Aug. 9 during the Southeast Region Meeting at The Lodge at Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores, Ala. on Aug. 8-11, 2021.

For the 2021 Southeast Region Conservation Hall of Fame, states and territories are encouraged to recognize one (1) nominee for the 2020-2021 timeframe. Due to COVID-19, this could be their nominee from 2020.

2021 Deadlines

Monday, June 7 Names due
Last day for state and territory associations to submit the name of their inductee to Candice Abinanti
Monday, June 21 Summaries and photo due
Last day for state and territory associations to provide a 50-75 word summary of their inductee’s accomplishments and contributions and a photo of the inductee to Candice Abinanti
Monday, July 12 Videos due
Last day for state and territory associations to provide a 3-minute video honoring the inductee using this Google Form.

Announcement and Application Instructions


Reach out to Candice Abinanti, Southeast Region Representative at (803) 579-7230 or by email


The following three videos are examples from the 2019 Southeast Region Conservation Hall of Fame.

Florida inductee Clegg Hooks
Tennessee inductee Danny Sells
Virginia inductee Daphne Jamison


2019 Southeast Region Conservation Hall of Fame Inductees
2018 Southeast Region Conservation Hall of Fame Inductees


Kenneth Sanders, Glenn Hawkins, A.D. Holmes Jr., J.F. Williams, Marion J. Sanders, P.G. Compton, W.M. Hodgson Jr., Mooney Nalty, Lloyd P. Owens, James Long, Joe Trice Edgar, Roy Kendrick, George Robertson Jr., Charles A. Holmes, Frank Nalty Jr., Dr. Carol Knight, Craig Sizemore, Stephen Cauthen, J.O. Norris, Robert L. Harbison, Joe Love, Dr. Richard Guthrie, Barnett King, Micky Smith, Jack Newell Wadsworth
Clegg Hooks, Richard H. Machek, James H. Senerfitt, John F. O’Conner Jr., Dorothy Lewis, Marcus Edwards, Andrew “Andy” Jackson, Teresa M. Owens, Betty Jo Tompkins
Danny Hogan, Jim L. Gillis Jr., F. Graham Liles Jr., Horace B. Waller, Franklin B. Williams, Garland Thompson, Edsel Nix, Carl Brack, T. Larry Nix, J.M. “Bob” Plemons, Jack Hufsteler, Dorothy “Mable” Brown, John Redding, John Woodard, Steve Singletary, Leonard Ridings, Dell MacGregor, Sewell Blackstock, Lary Jeff Eley, Sr.
Ray Adams, David G. Sawyer, H. Stanley Head, Harry M. Young Jr., Billy Joe Miles, Larry Jeffries, Thomas E. Neal, Orville “Pete” Dotson, Patrick M. Henderson, Kevin Jeffries, James R. Lacy, Stephen A. Coleman, Melvin “Doug” Martin, C.A. “Ottie” Pantle Jr., Dan Ellison, Jerry Peery, Jeff Rice, Jon Bendarski, John Denton
Russell Gray Houston, Richard T. Benton, Gale Martin, L.L. Mullins Sr., M.C. Sparks Jr., John W. Oglesby, Jack H. Winstead, Curtis Austin, Herman L. Dungan Jr., Dr. Robert W. “Bob” Wales, Paul Myrick, Robroy Fisher, Sidney Branch, Daryl Burney, Ross McGehee, Jim Harreld, Paul G. McKay, Ernest Brasher Jr., Nell Hughes
Dietrich Kilpatrick, Dr. George Naderman, Hugh Hammond Bennett, Charles Pinkey Frances, Wade Carrigan, Milton S. Heath Jr., James M. Ferguson, Lynn Sprague, I.H. “Cookie” Jones, James D. Bellamy Jr., William G. Sullivan, Dr. Maurice G. Cook, John W. Finch, John H. Kirkpatrick Jr., Dick Fowler
Evelyn Edmunds, Thomas Edmond Garrison, John W. Parris, David L. Allen, Glen C. Alexander, Raymond Caughman, William Greg Henderson, Dr. James Riley Hill Jr., Von P. Snelgrove, Rev. Thomas “Tommy” M. Knotts, Larry Nates, Bill Melven, William Beattie Wilkerson, Hugh Caldwell, William “Bill” Ardrey Jr., Marc Cribb, Glenda B. Lewis, William Simpson III
Héctor Iván Aponte Santiago, J.B. Ramirez
Danny D. Sells, Daymond Broyles, Franklin James, John S. Wilder, Joe K. Thomas III, David Garland, Austin Anderson, Jim Nance, Lynice Broyles, Glen Long, Talmadge Crihifield, Dr. Roy Gillis, Harris Armour III, Oscar Scott, Ray Weaver, Barry Lake
Hans Lawaetz
Daphne Jamison, John R. “Bob” Dixon, George L. Beals, Roland B. Geddes, Donald L. Wells, J. Hudson Reese, Robert E. “Bobby” Wilkinson, George Dan Pace Sr., H. Earl Longest, Jack Frye, John Peterson, Wilkie Chaffin Ph.D., Edward Overton Jr., Junius C. Berger, Bernard C. “Bud” Nagelvoort Jr., Clyde Cristman, Joseph H. Maroon

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