District Officials Training Program Recognition

NACD’s District Officials State Training Recognition Program, established in the spring of 2010, recognizes states and territories that have developed and implemented a statewide district official training program.

To be recognized under the program, states and territories must apply and self-assess that their program includes all 15 categories and 50 percent of the recommended training elements. State training programs meeting the requirements are then recognized during the next NACD Annual Meeting. To be considered for recognition, please fill out this online checklist. Please contact NACD Director of Membership Engagement, Ariel Rivers, Ph.D. with questions or to submit your state’s training materials.

Links to each state’s training information are available below as examples for others in developing or improving their district official training program. Please visit the National Association of State Conservation Agencies’ District Training webpage for more information. If you’d like to contact your state officials about developing a program, click here.

The map below shows the states that have been recognized under the program. States and territories whose curriculum meets at least 50 percent of the indicated curriculum are identified as bronze; states whose curriculum meets at least 75 percent are identified as silver; and states whose curriculum meets 100 percent of the NACD and NASCA recommended training elements are identified as gold.



Most of the Alabama training materials have been developed alongside the Alabama Soil and Water Conservation Committee and are housed in a private Microsoft SharePoint for access by Districts which is not currently organized in a manner conducive to easily sharing (i.e. many files in many folders).

AACD has established a Supervisor Training Ad-Hoc Committee to address this by working with staff on the development of a more centralized training curriculum and certification process, with hopes for a 2025 roll-out.


District Supervisor Certified Training Program


Conservation District Training Material

This involves numerous documents that are included in training via zoom, Area and State Meetings as well as weekly emails highlighting targeted information.


Link to the google classroom here. Link to the support materials (instructions to login, other ways to login, troubleshooting, etc.) here.


District Official Training


Training Program


Online District Officials Training Program





For more information on Modules 1 – 14 visit Kansas Association of Conservation District’s webpage here.

For Modules 15 & 16 head here.


Training Modules


Supervisor’s Training and Orientation


Supervisor Training


Training Program



Commissioner Certification Program


Resources here



Find more information here.


New Mexico

District Supervisor Certification Training

New York

NYACD Training
Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment
Sample Complaint Form
Sexual Harassment Prevention Model Policy

North Carolina

Supervisor Training Program

North Dakota

Supervisor Training


New SWCD Board Member Training

Find resources for SWCDS, including webinars listed under Administrative Development Program here.

Visit the Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts website for upcoming training opportunities, here.

Visit the Ohio Association of Soil and Water Conservation District Employees website for events and information, here.


Building for Tomorrow Leadership Development

Also see NACD’s recent Conservation Coffee, featuring Matt Miller of the Pennsylvania Association of CDs discussing their programs here.

South Carolina

South Dakota


SWCD Director and Employee Training Resources



Online training can be found here.

Virtual training library can be found here.

These trainings supplement in person training efforts.


Accountability, Operations, and Supervisor Trainings

West Virginia


Conservation District Board and Employee Training


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