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Here you’ll find resources for conservation districts and state/territory associations to utilize. Additional materials are available for districts/associations that have paid their NACD annual membership dues. If your payment has not been received, you still have access to the following resources for free:

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To access additional materials within the Members Only section, please click the “Members Only” link under the search bar and enter your NACD username and password. If your district cannot afford to pay the standard NACD membership dues, you may qualify for a reduced rate based on your hardship status. We value your participation in NACD and we want to be a part of helping make your district thrive! Districts claiming hardship dues will be asked to consider a dues payment equal to 1% of their budget (unrestricted funds only). Contact Director of Membership Kimberly Uldricks for assistance. 

Have you been searching for a PowerPoint presentation on fundraising strategies? Perhaps you’ve been looking for a guide on board recruitment, sample job descriptions or pointers on how to properly record meeting minutes. All of these resources and more are available to download for our districts who have completed their annual NACD membership payment.

NACD regularly adds new content to the Members Only section. Do you see something you’d like a copy of?

  • Establishing and Maintaining Relationships with Lawmakers
  • Conservation District Guide – How to Recruit Board Members
  • Taking Minutes Made Easy: A Training Tool
  • Parliamentary Procedure: A Quick Reference Guide for Conservation District Officials
  • District Program Evaluation Guide
  • Board Diversity: Adding Diversity to the Conservation Partnership
  • Five Tips for Exceptional Board Performance
  • Fun Ways to Fundraise
  • More Dollars for your District
  • Tips for Working with Local Media
  • NACD’s Policy Book
  • Media Guide 101
  • NACD’s Resolutions Report and Implementation Strategies
  • Conflict Management Guidebook
  • Conservation District Guide: Building District Capacity Through District Personnel
  • Personnel Management Reference Book for Conservation District Officials
  • Sample job descriptions for district managers, district executive directors and district officials
  • Advocacy training module and worksheets
  • Downloadable copies of NACD’s promotional videos

Having issues logging in? To create an NACD account or reset your password, simply follow this guide – it’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3! If you’re still experiencing login issues, you may need to clear your browser history. If you have questions about dues payments or your NACD account login or password, please email Director of Membership Kimberly Uldricks.

Are you an NACD board member or alternate? Click here to access the secure Board of Directors login page.

Thank you for supporting NACD – your national voice for conservation!

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