2010: Conservation Habitats = Healthy Habitats

Conservation Habits = Healthy Habitats was the Stewardship theme for 2010. Please use the 2010 stewardship materials for educational purposes only.

Click here for photos and clip art to go with 2010’s stewardship theme.

Habitat Educators Guide |PDF| – This online interactive guide is full of great resources to use in the classroom or other educational programs. It contains activities, science standards that complement the Conservation Habits = Healthy Habitats student booklets, literature connections, links to additional habitat outreach materials and more.

Sample Booklets and Materials

Grades K-1 |PDF|

Grades 2-3 |PDF|

Grades 4-5 |PDF|

Grades 6 and up |PDF|

Healthy Habitats Bookmark |PDF|

Healthy Habitats Placemat/Activity Sheet |PDF|

For Church Leaders

Church Leaders Guide |PDF|

Church Leaders Presentation |PPT| and Presentation Notes |PDF|

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