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We would encourage all conservation districts and their supporters to contact your Members of Congress to let them know how policies impact conservation districts and the locally-led conservation delivery model in your community as you work on a daily basis with those who are producing our nation’s food, fuel and fiber during these times. Requests can be from just yourself as a constituent or on behalf of your local district. Information on how to locate your Member of Congress and send an email to them is below.


See below for information on how to reach out to your members of Congress, and consult NACD’s Issue Papers page for additional resources. Interested in subscribing to our grassroots advocacy mailing list? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Each August, members of the House of Representatives and the Senate head back to their districts and states to meet with constituents. There are nearly 100 new Members of Congress elected last November, all of whom have a direct say in federal conservation programs and many of whom may not have ever heard of a conservation district.

Presentation coverThis month represents a unique opportunity to educate Members of Congress on what conservation districts do in your communities and show why support for conservation programs at the federal level is so important.

NACD has created an August Recess Guide to Grassroots Engagement, designed to assist districts with how to set up a local meeting with their Member of Congress. The guide also provides aspects of a successful meeting to consider during planning, as well as strategies for how to reach out to your elected representative. Click on the cover image to the right or the title above to access the guide.

If you already hold similar meetings or field days during the August recess, please let NACD know so we can document your great work.

Examples of Conservation District-Led Advocacy Events

  • A conservation district and a grower alliance hosted their member of Congress on the farm to highlight nutrient management planning and practices. They walked a field, showed off the farmer’s equipment, and then sat in the barn to talk about the importance of EQIP to improving soil health. Everyone took a group photo on the tractor, at the Member of Congress’s suggestion.
  • A conservation district met their Member of Congress at a culvert replacement project that is currently underway and funded by the watershed program. The district brought some folding chairs so that they all could sit and talk in the shade after looking at the culvert.
  • A conservation district and NRCS staff met their Member of Congress at a diversified farm that has done conservation planning and has a CSP contract. After a farm tour, everyone talked about the value of the program at the packing house. Before leaving, the Member of Congress held a baby chick.
  • A conservation district hosted a field day and their Member of Congress attended and participated in an on-farm activity highlighting the benefits of soil health. District staff and the host farmer were prepared to highlight the importance of federal programs during the field day. The Member of Congress was able to give remarks to the group.
  • A conservation district organized a roundtable discussion with local farmers at the district’s new office. The farmers were prepared to discuss their conservation work and the value the district provided. After the roundtable, the Member of Congress’s office published a press release about the conversation.

How to Find Your Member of Congress:

House of Representatives:

  • Click on the following link and input your zip code.
  • If you need your full 9-digit zip-code, go to the Postal Service’s link here.


  • Click on the following link and look up your state.

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