Established in 2015, the NACD Soil Health Champions Network (SHCN) is a group of over 380 farmers, ranchers, woodland owners, gardeners, and land managers of all kinds who are dedicated to implementing and promoting the soil health principles on their operations and in their communities.

Soil Health Champions lead by example, demonstrating that soil health looks different all across the country, but the guiding principles remain the same. Champions have a working relationship with their local conservation districts and USDA service centers whether through programs, projects or outreach opportunities, and many are recognized as community leaders and early adopters of conservation initiatives.

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Do you know a Soil Health Champion?

NACD Soil Health Champion Recruitment Package

NACD Soil Health Champions receive:

  1. Membership in an exclusive Network where they can exchange best management practices, tell success stories, and learn how to make improvements in their own operations. NACD believes this network will play a key role in driving a countrywide movement to improve America’s soils.
  2. A quarterly, soil health bulletin with Network news and relevant conservation research and outreach opportunities.
  3. National recognition for their work to advance soil health in the first eResource of every month and in every edition of The Resource. The association also features soil champs on our website (click on the map below to meet our current Soil Health Champions) and showcases their achievements at NACD meetings and events.

Soil Health Champions have two responsibilities to the Network:

  1. Conduct soil health outreach in their communities. Forms of outreach include holding farm tours, hosting field demonstrations, speaking at conferences and meetings, giving media interviews, presenting at seminars or workshops, and manning educational booths at community events.
  2. Report on their outreach activities to NACD. NACD collects and utilizes Soil Health Champion research, stories and testimonials on NACD’s website and in national publications. NACD also rounds up information on Soil Health Champion events and outreach and shares it through social media, on its website and in a quarterly bulletin. By engaging in this network, NACD is able to amplify the voices of conservation-minded producers on a national platform.

In support of the Network, NACD holds educational conference calls, provides technical and promotional resources, and offers scholarships to Champions to attend topical meetings. NACD also manages an exclusive Facebook group in which members can share pictures, videos, articles and updates on their extraordinary work to improve America’s soils.

SHCN Resources

NACD has curated the following book titles, publishers, and authors into lists to provide additional resources for those interested in learning more about soil health or promoting soil health through reading. These resources are not indicative of NACD policy and are the opinions of their authors unless otherwise noted. If you would like to suggest a book, publisher, or author to be added, please email beth-mason[at]

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Meet Our Members

Click on the interactive map below to learn about our Soil Health Champions across the U.S.!

Soil Health Champions Placeholder
Soil Health Champions
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Soil Health Champions Overlay


Palau Soil Champs Map Placeholder
Palau Soil Champs Map


Guam Soil Champs Map Placeholder
Guam Soil Champs Map

American Samoa

American Samoa Soil Champs Map Placeholder
American Samoa Soil Champs Map

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Soil Champs Map Placeholder
Puerto Rico Soil Champs Map

Northern Mariana Islands

Northern Mariana Islands Soil Champs Map Placeholder
Northern Mariana Islands Soil Champs Map

Federated States of Micronesia

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Federated States of Micronesia Soil Champs Map

Virgin Islands

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Virgin Islands Soil Champs

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