2020 Annual Meeting Conservation Expo

NACD’s 2019 Annual Meeting is an investment in conservation. Each year, conservation leaders from across the country gather in one place to discuss conservation policy, network with conservation partners and members of industry, and learn about the newest technologies and most relevant issues affecting natural resources management and conservation districts.

If your business, agency or organization is looking to introduce your programs, products or services to leaders in the conservation community, this is the place to do it! The Conservation Expo is a hub for meeting activities with targeted hours meant to maximize expo traffic. Some events will be held in the expo space, including Sunday Welcome Reception, Monday morning networking session and Tuesday morning networking session. This year’s inaugural Conservation Innovation Fair will include Conservation Innovation Booths within the NACD Conservation Expo, a VIP Preview of the Innovation Booths, educational breakout sessions and a half-day symposium.

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The Expo Hall will be in the Silver Room.

Conservation Expo Hours*
Sunday, February 9
Conservation Innovation VIP Hour (Innovator Booths Only) 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Expo Grand Opening 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Monday, February 10
7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
2:15 PM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday, February 11
7:30 AM – 9:00 AM
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM


The list of exhibitors below includes businesses, agencies or organizations that are a part of the Conservation Innovation Fair. These exhibitors are displayed in green

Agri Drain

Agri Drain Corporation is America’s most complete manufacturer and supplier of products for drainage water management, sub-irrigation, wetlands, ponds, lakes and land improvement. Agri Drain views water as a precious resource, which must be managed and conserved, to maximize yields and minimize surface water quality impacts. Drainage water management is the most important water quality tool farmers have to address resource concerns in the next century.

American Farmland Trust

American Farmland Trust is working to save the land that sustains us by protecting farmland, promoting sound farming practices, and keeping farmers on the land.

Appalachian RC&D Fire Adapted Communities Coalition

(located in the Grand Salon)

Forest fires have gotten the attention of the nation from the west coast to our place, the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. A need exists for public outreach and action for Conservation Districts and RC&D Councils. As a home owner we have the basic information on how to help protect your home and family.


CaseIH brings its customers innovative products and market-leading agricultural solutions and services.

Field to Market

Field to Market brings together a diverse group of grower organizations; agribusinesses; food, beverage, apparel, restaurant and retail companies; conservation groups; universities; and public sector partners. By uniting the agricultural supply chain around a common definition and measurement, Field to Market seeks to drive continuous improvement in the sustainability of commodity crop production.

Harvest Solar

Harvest solar builds turn-key solar arrays in 11 Midwest states. Most of these system’s power is used by farms and commercial businesses with excess power exported to the local power company. Now & in the future, Harvest Solar plans to build arrays directly connected to the grid in locations that provide local co-beneficial land uses.

Houston Engineering Inc.

Houston Engineering Inc. (HEI) is a multi-disciplined consulting firm whom clients rely on across the nation for infrastructure, environmental, planning and technology solutions. HEI has been able to serve clients for more than 50 years thanks to the efforts of our exceptional staff and by complementing standard practices with the latest ideas and technologies.

Land Improvement Contractors of America

For over 65 years, The Land Improvement Contractors of America, has encouraged high standards of workmanship in resource management and land improvement practices. This association of contractors, with chapters across the country, brings together people having similar interests and opportunities for improving our natural resources with an adequate profit.

Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN

The Truterra(TM) Insights Engine was launched in 2018 by Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN to drive on-farm conservation solutions at scale—creating a tangible impact on the long-term sustainability of our food system that balances environmental impact with economic feasibility. Built with farmers in mind by leading national farmer-owned cooperative Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN, the Truterra(TM) Insights Engine is available to companies and stakeholders interested in scaling on-farm conservation solutions and driving sustainability in an ever-changing industry.

Little River Research & Design

Little River Research & Design builds hands-on stream tables and flumes for science and conservation education, outreach, and research. The models realistically and dynamically simulate a wide range of fluvial processes and enable learning tied to real-world problems and solutions. Check out for videos of the models, demonstrations, and modeling exercises.

Millborn Seeds

Many variables affect the success of conservation and reclamation efforts. Millborn Seeds works with landowners and districts to provide education and specialty seed products to meet their goals. Our conservation specialists have walked thousands of acres to understand unique, growing scenarios. It’s crucial to make the most out of every acre set aside for conservation and the benefit of wildlife.


ALERT: Money-making opportunity for land conservationists! MyFarms provides farmers and conservation specialists a new way to work and learn together. Through a powerful platform called N Economics, growers anonymously learn from one another about the economic value of soil health practices. Thanks to support provided by Tyson Foods, MyFarms can show you how to turn conservation into cash.

NACD Stewardship and Education Booth

Education is a critical element of the conservation effort at the local, state, and national levels. Educating young people about the benefits of conservation helps to ensure the next generation will be wise stewards of America’s natural resources. NACD assists districts with their stewardship and education efforts by offering materials and opportunities such as National Poster and Photo Contests.

National Agriculture in the Classroom

The mission of National Agriculture in the Classroom is to strengthen agricultural literacy in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms. It achieves its mission with its national website’s searchable database of hundreds of standards-based lessons and resources, a national conference, a national teacher awards program, grants programs and professional development for state Agriculture in the Classroom programs in most of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.


The NCF-Envirothon is a natural resource education program for high school students in the United States, Canada and China. As one of the largest environmental education programs in the nation reaching over 50,000 students annually, students engage in in-class curriculum and hands-on outdoor field experiences in five areas: Aquatic ecology, forestry, soils and land use, wildlife and the annual theme topic. This year’s 2020 NCF-Envirothon will be hosted by Nebraska and held in Lincoln at the University of Nebraska July 26-August 1. The theme this year is “Water Resources Management: Local Control and Local Solutions.”

NCF Next Generation Leadership Institute

The National Conservation Foundation’s Next Generation Leadership Institute is launching this year to provide first-class leadership development opportunities for the next generation of conservation leaders. Upon successful completion of the program, these #NextGen leaders will continue a successful legacy for the benefit of their communities, regions and our nation.  Potential training topics could include conservation district origins and history, the national conservation partnership, personal leadership, media outreach, grassroots advocacy and policy and board governance. Interested in learning more? Stop by the booth!


NRCS “Conservation at Work” Video Series

Catch the world premiere of the “Conservation at Work” video series being rolled out by NRCS at this event! This video series features landowners from across the U.S. who have worked with NRCS to install conservation practices on their farm, ranch and forestry operations. These 90-second videos provide an opportunity to hear straight from producers how conservation practices on their operations have improved soil health, water quality, grazing capacity, and more. Come hear how the conservation work we do together is making a difference on America’s privately owned land.

NRCS Conservation Desktop

The Conservation Desktop application is an enhanced tool that enables conservation partnership planners to provide technical and/or financial assistance to customers in a simpler and faster way. This application is part of a national effort to make meaningful changes and improvements to all programs and services to streamline processes, improve efficiencies, incorporate technology, and improve communication and data availability.

Soil Health Tunnel
(located in the Grand Salon)

Visit the NRCS inflatable Soil Health Tunnel in the Grand Salon to get an earthworm’s view of the basic principles of soil health. Take home some key messages to help grow soil health in your home district.

NYP Corporation

The NYP Corporation has been serving with pride and integrity since 1946. We offer horticultural, agricultural and industrial products. Also 6 foot conservation weed barrier in rolls of 300, 500 and 750 feet long. We also carry and supply emergency sandbags, landscape supplies, burlap bags, erosion control, plain and treated burlap, groundcovers, stakes, tree guards, shade cloth and many other products to help protect our environment.


The Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management (OpenTEAM) is a farmer-driven, interoperable platform to provide farmers around the world with the best possible knowledge to improve soil health. OpenTEAM offers field-level carbon measurement, digital management records, remote sensing, predictive analytics, and input and economic management decision support in a connected platform that reduces the need for farmer data entry while improving access to a wide array of tools. The platform will support adaptive soil health management for farms of all scales, geographies and production systems.

Pheasants Forever Seed Program

The Pheasants Forever Seed Program provides seed mixes for conservation plantings and food plots designed to meet and exceed state and federal standards and provide quality wildlife habitat all at affordable prices. Our partners (ie conservation districts, state agencies, chapters) get additional price discounts from retail pricing and have access to customer PLS/seed tags and invoices through an online portal. Learn more at


The Rantizo drone-based applications platform provides an end-to-end solution that identifies problem areas, diagnoses field issues, sprays and applies required treatments and verifies the issues have been addressed accurately, all through a combination of autonomous hardware and user-friendly software. Beyond agricultural spraying, Rantizo can deliver additional solutions to fields including: cover crop seeds, micronutrients and beneficial insects.

Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration Program

The REPI Program protects military missions by helping remove or avoid land-use conflicts near installations and addressing regulatory restrictions that inhibit military activities. A key component of the REPI Program is the use of buffer partnerships among the Military Services, private conservation groups, and state and local governments. These win-win partnerships share the cost of acquisition of easements or other interests in land from willing sellers to preserve compatible land uses and natural habitats near installations and ranges that helps sustain critical, at-risk military mission capabilities.

Resource Institute

The Resource Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization operating to serve community interests to enhance America’s natural resources by restoring streams, rivers and wetlands. Our partners are non-profit organizations, local governments, private organizations, and civic-minded individuals interested in improving the welfare of their communities through the conscientious development of community resources. Resource Institute helps define the project and find funding sources. We coordinate conceptual planning, design, and engineering. We overview daily, on-the-ground construction management and manage grant reporting requirements. And most important, Resource Institute assures project completion. In short, Resource Institute guides its partners throughout the entire development process from aspiration to achievement.

Seepage Control, Inc.

Seepage Control, Inc. is a woman-owned small business established in 1958. Seepage Control manufactures and sells ESS-13, a liquid polymer emulsion that reduces the hydraulic conductivity of soils beyond their natural capability by filling voids as well as chemically and electrically modifying the alignment of the clay platelets in the soil. ESS-13 is cost-effective and compliant with EPA regulations.

Sentinel Landscapes Partnership

The Sentinel Landscapes Partnership is a coalition of federal agencies, state and local governments, and non-governmental organizations that works with private landowners to advance sustainable land management practices around military installations and ranges. Founded in 2013 by the United States Department of Defense, Department of Agriculture, and Department of the Interior, the partnership connects private landowners with voluntary assistance programs that support defense, conservation, and agricultural missions.

Soil and Water Conservation Society

The Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) is the premier international organization for professionals who practice and advance the science and art of natural resource conservation. SWCS actively engages in policy conversations, on-the-ground projects, educational publications and professional development opportunities, and effective partnerships that support and inform conservation professionals and their work. Learn how SWCS is celebrating its 75th anniversary at

The Fertilizer Institute

The Fertilizer Institute is the voice of the fertilizer industry and proudly promotes the proper use of all products through 4R Nutrient Stewardship. 4R Nutrient Stewardship provides a framework to achieve cropping system goals, such as increased production, increased farmer profitability, enhanced environmental protection and improved sustainability.

Truax Company

Truax Company has been in business in Minneapolis, Minnesota building grass-seeding equipment since 1974. Truax Company utilizes a direct market approach between the manufacturer and the customer for both initial sales and service. This approach has been successful in helping keep customer costs down as well as keeping open a direct line of communication between the manufacturer and the end user.

Turkey Hill


Turkey Hill Clean Water Partnership is a collaborative effort coordinated by the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, in partnership with Turkey Hill, and Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association (MDVA). Through the Turkey Hill Clean Water Partnership, Turkey Hill will take momentous strides towards cleaning up local water quality in the Lancaster area by providing incentives for local dairy farmers to use a conservation plan on their property.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program provides technical and financial assistance to private landowners (non-federal & non-state entities), local governments, and Indian tribes to restore or enhance habitat for fish, wildlife, and rare plants. Each project is a voluntary partnership between the USFWS and the entity. Around the country, these restoration projects have helped keep rare species of the endangered species list.

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