2020 Annual Meeting Conservation Symposia

The Conservation Innovation Symposium will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 12, from 8:30-11:30 AM.

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Conservation Innovation Symposium

Conservation Symposium
Hosted by the National Conservation District Employees Association (NCDEA)

Moderator: Velynda Parker, NCDEA Board Member

This session will showcase the innovative partnerships between Conservation Districts, producers and other entities on software technology such as PTMApp, on-farm trials for soil health, soil moisture and the successive cash crop in the arid 8-12” rainfall zone as a method of cost-effective management options. Additionally, Conservation Desktop (CD) and CART from the vantage point of a district employee in a co-located field office and in a non-co-located field offices will be addressed. The session will include a Q & A with audience involvement. Panelists from selected state and conservation district partnerships will present their story and experiences.


  • Minnesota BWSR and Houston Engineering
  • Leslie Michel, Washington State Department of Agriculture; Dan Cavadini, Producer
  • Conservation Desktop (CD) and CART

Urban and Community Conservation Symposium

Since 2016, NACD has partnered with NRCS in awarding grants to 81 conservation districts in 34 states to boost technical assistance capacity for urban agriculture conservation. One of the key grant goals is to maintain the urban agriculture conservation (UAC) service at some level and format. This symposium features how the following grant recipients have met this goal through collaborations and fundraising.

Moderator: Ron Rohall, Urban and Community RPG Chair


  • Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District, Ohio
  • Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District, Maine
  • Allegheny County Conservation District, Pa.
  • Inland Empire Resource Conservation District, Calif.
  • Jefferson County Soil and Water Conservation District, Ky.
  • Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District, N.M.


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