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NACD’s quarterly publication The Resource provides in-depth coverage of NACD’s leadership on conservation issues at the national level – and more importantly – profiles the initiatives and partnerships conservation districts are leading in the field. Every issue includes letters from NACD’s CEO and President, a themed feature article and a guest column authored by one of our partners.

The Resource is distributed electronically in the spring, summer and fall. The winter edition of The Resource is also sent electronically to our partners and members, but because it includes NACD’s Annual Report, our conservation district members will receive two print copies as well.

Do you have questions on the latest edition of The Resource or story suggestions for the next issue? Please contact your NACD Communications Team.


The Resource is available free of charge. To subscribe to The Resource distribution list, click here, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. To unsubscribe or to submit a change of address for The Resource Annual Report mailing list, please contact the NACD Communications Team.

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