Stewardship Week

NACD's 69th Stewardship Week will be held April 28 to May 5, 2024.

The National Association of Conservation Districts Stewardship Week, an annual program since 1955, stands as one of the nation’s largest initiatives dedicated to promoting the conservation of natural resources. Occurring between the last Sunday in April and the first Sunday in May, this week-long event serves as a powerful reminder of our personal responsibilities to safeguard our precious natural resources.

In 2024, as we celebrate the 69th Annual Stewardship Week from April 28 to May 5, the theme “May the Forest Be with You, Always” takes center stage. This theme underscores the critical interplay between soil and water conservation and the resilience of our forests. Forests play multifaceted roles in sustaining our planet, serving as sources of oxygen, carbon storage, and vibrant hubs of biodiversity. They function as steadfast protectors of soil and water resources, preventing erosion, purifying contaminants, and nurturing healthy watersheds.

In today’s context, marked by environmental challenges, resilient forests are indispensable in fostering a sustainable world. The phrase “May the Forest Be with You, Always” signifies our commitment to responsible forest stewardship, emphasizing their enduring strength and adaptability

Throughout Stewardship Week, conservation districts across the United States actively participate in various ways to celebrate and promote these vital natural resources. Districts play a central role in outreach and education, engaging with their communities through initiatives such as the NACD annual poster and photo contests. These contests offer students from kindergarten through 12th grade the opportunity to showcase their artistic talents while conveying essential messages about conservation. Conservation districts also employ diverse strategies to reach a broad audience, including hosting workshops, organizing community events, and collaborating with local schools. These efforts foster a deeper understanding of the critical relationship between forests, soil, water, and overall environmental health. By providing accessible platforms for education and engagement, conservation districts ensure that the message of responsible stewardship resonates widely, inspiring individuals of all ages to become active advocates for our natural world.

Stewardship Week serves as a collective effort to emphasize the importance of preserving and protecting our environment. It’s a time to reflect on our shared responsibilities and celebrate the value of forests while inspiring action for their long-term well-being. By coming together and celebrating Stewardship Week, we ensure that these resources continue to thrive for generations to come.

Why Stewardship Week?

Each spring, NACD and thousands of dedicated conservationists organize a multitude of outreach events and educational learning experiences for students and adults in order to increase awareness about the importance of natural resource conservation. During Stewardship Week, local conservation districts and their state associations, along with partners, educate the public on the importance of soil health, water quality, pollinator habitat and other conservation topics. Different classroom activities, field visits and community events are hosted to honor and recognize efforts in conservation at the local level.

What are some suggested ways my conservation district can celebrate Stewardship Week?

To support a memorable celebration of this year’s Stewardship Week, below are examples of methods to engage your community in Stewardship Week:

  • Share! Follow NACD on our social media plateforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Like and share Stewardship Week 2024 content, posts and videos.
  • Ensure that the poster contest information is listed on your state’s Association of Conservation Districts webpage.
  • Encourage community participation in NACD’s annual poster contest through educational institutions, 4-H clubs, Scouts, or other student organizations.
  • Presentations to public, private and homeschool students.
  • Providing or sharing NACD Stewardship theme educational materials.
  • Organize a natural resource field day for elementary school students.
  • Customize, create and produce public service announcements for local radio stations promoting Stewardship Week.
  • Consider modernizing your efforts by creating a conservation-themed podcast, following the example set by the Washington Association of Conservation Districtspodcasts.
  • Team up with a local grocery store to provide paper grocery bags for middle school students to design posters.
  • Create a “Plant-A-Tree” project or consider promoting the US Forest Service Plant-A-Tree Program.
  • Set up a Conservation Station (a mobile learning center) that you can travel with across the state and teach local communities how they can improve water quality and soil health.
  • Host a “Lunch and Learn” and a conservation tour for local officials. Invite your partners from the Department of Agriculture or Natural Resources.
  • Online Learning Platforms: Create interactive online learning platforms or websites that offer educational resources, videos, and quizzes related to conservation topics. Make the content engaging and accessible, appealing to tech-savvy students who prefer digital learning.
  • Mobile Apps: Develop and/or use mobile apps that provide information about local ecosystems, wildlife, and conservation efforts. Include features like augmented reality (AR) to gamify learning and encourage exploration of the natural world.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences: Use virtual reality to transport students into immersive conservation experiences. Virtual field trips, where students can explore different ecosystems and wildlife habitats, can make learning more exciting and memorable.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Establish a strong presence on popular social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Share short educational videos, challenges, and interactive content that resonate with younger audiences.
  • Encourage students to create their content and share their conservation efforts online using the hashtags #NACDstewardshipweek24 #NACDpostercontest24 #NACDphotocontest24.
  • Webinars and Live Streams: Host webinars and live streaming events where experts discuss conservation topics and answer questions from students. These live interactions can foster engagement and allow for real-time learning experiences.
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