Perimeter Fencing for Feral Swine Grant Program

Feral swine are a non-native species and considered one of the most destructive invasive terrestrial vertebrates in North America. They cause substantial damage to agricultural operations, natural resources, and native ecosystems. They also have negative impacts on human and animal health.

On behalf of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), NACD will manage and administer a $7.5 million cost-share program that incentivizes landowners and operators to install or repair perimeter fencing to restrict feral swine access and impacts.

Please stay tuned for an announcement on selected grantees.

These federal cost-share dollars cannot be used to offset financial assistance received from other federal programs (e.g., NRCS, APHIS); however, funding may be used to augment state, local, Tribal, or private programs that address and mitigate impacts of feral swine in communities. Funds can be used to increase program reach or help producers meet the non-federal program’s cost-share requirements.

The relevant NRCS practice code for fencing is #382. For more information by state, please visit the Electronic Field Office Technical Guide.

Questions about this funding opportunity or other NACD opportunities can be directed to our programs team at conservationprograms[at] or your NACD Region Representative.

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