Hank SuchtingReistertown, MD

Hank Suchting

Baltimore County Soil Conservation District

Reisterstown, Maryland

As a first-generation farmer since 1973, Hank Suchting, along with his wife Doreen, raise Angus cattle, hay and grain in Reisterstown, Maryland on 950 acres. Hank produces corn, soybeans, wheat, sorghum and hay through no-till practices and raises 40 Angus brood cows in a cow-calf operation.

With these crops and livestock, Suchting uses a handful of conservation practices to produce a plentiful harvest. For his livestock, streaming crossings, spring-fed water troughs and exclusion fencing from streams ensures improved herd health and water quality. Livestock rotate through intensive grazing areas and are properly managed in the barnyard on a heavy use feeding area, where manure can be collected and stored. Crop fields are completely no-till, and Suchting uses grass waterways to optimize his water quality and soil health goals.

When Hank is not on the farm, Suchting is an active member in the agriculture community. In the past, he served on the Board of Directors for Southern States Co-op. Suchting has been a member of the Maryland Angus Association for 50 years. Through this organization, the members have voted Branchwater Farms as Breeder of the Year, Exhibitor of the Year and Family of the Year in years past. Furthermore, Suchting is a member of the 3rd Gunpowder Farmers Club and volunteers a large amount of his time to the Baltimore County Soil Conservation District, where he presides as the vice-chairman.

Updated November 2019.

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