Jeffrey AalundSherwood, ND

Photo-Jeffrey Aalund, NDJeffrey Aalund

Aalund Farm

Sherwood, North Dakota

Renville County Soil Conservation District

“My wife Kathy and I have one son, one daughter, and three grandchildren with one on the way. I am the owner and operator of Aalund Farm located in north central North Dakota, up by the Canadian border. I also serve as the supervisor for the Renville County Soil Conservation District and as director for Area III with the North Dakota Association of Conservation Districts.”

The Aalunds have used minimum till since 1978. They also employ multi-species cover crops – usually five different types – and try to keep the soil covered at all times throughout the year. Jeffrey told NACD his biggest challenges in using cover crops is the short growing season in North Dakota. “Planting the cover crops after a cash crop is harvested is still very beneficial, but can be difficult with later crops,” he said.

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