Robby BevisScott, AR

Robert “Robby” Bevis

Scott, Arkansas

Robby Bevis is a fifth generation farmer from Lonoke, Arkansas, who holds a degree in agriculture business from Arkansas State University. Robby, his wife Stephanie, and their three children grow corn, soybeans, and rice on a 3,000-acre operation.

“I’ve been farming full time with my father since 1995 when a neighbor retired and asked us to take his farm,” Robby told NACD. “We formed Bevis Corner, Inc. and that was the beginning of my farming career.”

Robby started his own operation in 1999 after graduating college. His father, who worked the farm with Robby until 2011 when he retired from work, served on the Bayou Meto Water Management District and Lonoke County Conservation District boards of directors until 2014. Robby took his father’s place on both boards in 2014 and has been working hard ever since to continue his father’s legacy.

“We try to be very conservation-minded in our farm operations,” Robby said. “We have implemented what I call ‘have to till’ – only tilling if there is no other option. In fall 2013, we started implementing cover crops with 900 acres. Since then, we have increased our use of covers to around 2,700 acres. We did this to improve our soil health.”

“My latest passion is trying to get more farmers interested in soil heath,” he added. “I and several other farmers are in the process of forming the Arkansas Soil Health Alliance, a farmer-led non-profit. The sole purpose of this group is to help educate farmers on soil health and what it can do for their operations.”

Robby Bevis (left) with Ray Archuleta giving a water quality demonstration.

Robby Bevis talking with farm tour attendees about conservation practices.


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