David HawksOconee River SWCD, GA

David Hawks

Oconee River SWCD

David Hawks grows wheat on 100 acres and soybeans 50 acres, in addition to raising beef cattle on his farm in Georgia. Hawks uses a series of conservation practices to ensure he’s able to meet his operation’s forage needs and to build organic content in his soils. These practices include prescribed grazing, crop rotation, and contour farming.

“I have noticed many benefits,” Hawks said, as a result of adopting these conservation practices. “There is a noticeable increase in organic matter by keeping cover on the soil.”

“Farming on the contour and crop rotation has helped me (control) erosion that I was having prior to implementing these conservation practices.” Hawks says he uses a no-till drill to plant his cover crops. 


According to Hawks, controlling sheet and rill erosion on steep slopes is among the leading challenges to farming in his area.

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