2020 Technical Assistance Grants

Like the Technical Assistance (TA) Grants from round one in 2018 and round two in 2019, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has entered into an agreement with NACD to provide funding to enhance conservation district technical assistance across the nation, with a significant portion of the granted funds to be awarded directly to conservation districts to hire staff where additional capacity is needed to improve customer service and reduce workload pressure.

In March 2020, NACD announced the award of $8.5 million in priority request awards to over 300 conservation districts in 49 states and territories. In July 2020, NACD announced an additional $6.5 million in new technical assistance grants to benefit nearly 400 conservation districts in 36 states and territories.

The RFP for this technical assistance cooperative agreement includes:

  • $1,350,000 allocated as grants to hire local district/state agency/state association/RC&D/tribal employees to assist landowners in implementing Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) contracts
  • $5,150,000 allocated as grants to hire local district/state agency/state association/RC&D/tribal employees to provide conservation operations planning assistance (COTA)
  • The requirement for match of 25 percent, of which NACD would provide the first 5 percent. Grant recipients would supply the remaining 20 percent.

Most contracts will cover funding for a one-year period.

NACD worked with state/territory conservation partnerships to identify high-priority locations from the previous agreement that should receive continuing funding. The RFP allowed us to ask them to identify additional priority locations for the use of the remaining funds. NACD hosted a webinar on April 14, 2020 to discuss the application process and answer any questions. Click here to view the recorded webinar. Click here to view the webinar slides.

Contact NACD Projects and Partnerships Coordinator Meg Leader at meg-leader[at] for questions.

View the maps below to learn about the 2020 TA Grantees.






Please contact your region’s representative with additional questions.

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