Technical Assistance Grants – Reporting

In December 2020, the existing TA Grant Quarterly Report was deconstructed into separate forms to improve performance. The two forms entitled ‘Quarterly’ are to be completed regularly, as shown in the table. The other four forms are only completed as needed.

Reporting Period Report Due
January 1 – March 31 April 20
April 1 – June 30 July 20
July 1 – September 30 October 20
October 1 – December 31 January 20

Contact Meg Leader, NACD Projects and Partnerships Coordinator, or your region’s representative if you have any questions.

Due each quarter until your grant is closed.

Due any time a Financial Report shows funds spent.

Due when you begin a grant and then needs to be updated any time someone leaves or is hired.

Due to close a grant.

Due when you begin a grant. Update whenever the official contact changes or you want to add someone to the listserv.

Modify your entry on the TA Grant Map.

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